Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-4 Review

Hello, hello, hello everyone! Here’s the review from episode 4 of the seventh season of Desperate Housewives.

Spoiler-free zone:

A pretty solid episode with some storylines clearly standing out. While there was drama in the episode, for me it was the comedy that I found myself more invested in. The writers have done a great job in making Vanessa Williams not seem forced in the ensemble, yet still have some great moments.

Spoiler zone:

Bree for me was, once again, the highlight of the episode. Not only did we get to see her daughter return for a brief scene, but the writers also did a hilarious and slightly risqué job with that storyline. The midget thing could have gone the wrong way but it was so worth it! Vanessa Williams got to show some of her comedic skills and the beginning of that scene (where the little person runs around the restaurant in what looked like a beginning of a “Jaws” death scene) was very well made. Now what we are left with is Bree and Keith together, which I hope will turn out to be interesting.

Another fun storyline was Lynette’s. The new actress that plays Penny is quite good so I like that they showed her a bit more this week. This story was definitely the most grounded one and thus the most relatable one (for mothers with many children at least). I thought the little comedic twist at the end was pretty creative and also established a solid storyline for Lynette. While they’ve done the babysitter thing back in season 1, there are many interesting ways they can go with this.

Gabrielle continued to lead the dramatic part of the show. While the situation is kind of out there, there is a sense of truth to it in the sense that we see a mother over-identifying with her child. I’m glad she finally came clean to the rest of the group and I found it interesting that the story ended on a dark note.

Susan’s storyline has started reaching its peak. While we are introduced to a new element, I am almost positive that the figure getting her poster is not some random stalker, but in fact, Mike. The whole Susan hanging from the poster was pretty funny and I am starting to warm up to her “pimp”. Still though, seeing her in that apartment is pretty depressing so I can’t help but feel that I want to see her back in the lane.

Paul’s storyline still confuses me (in a good way). Why would he want every house on the street? And how much does his wife really know? The show has never had such an unusual mystery before, so I’m really happy with the outcome so far. Beth is slowly becoming one of my favourites to watch on the show.

To sum up, all in all another good episode. Not the most eventful (since we are into the season now) but definitely entertaining.

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