Exec Tom Brevoort: Marvel’s comic book purge means… less Deadpool, Thor & Captain America

Following any earlier report that Marvel would be cutting books, comes more from info Marvel execs.

“It’s not an issue that we’re unsensitive to,” Brevoort added in conclusion, mentioning Marvel’s announcement to roll back on the amounts of tie-in comics for upcoming movies like “Thor” and “Captain America.” “There are times and periods where particularly when we’re gearing up to a major motion picture where we’ll have multiple titles of the same character in slightly different derivations, and the feedback we’re hearing from retailers is that that starts to become confusing after a while.”

One area the publisher will also soon be cutting back on is the amount of product starring a certain Merc’ With A Mouth. Alonso said, “We knew at some point the Deadpool bubble would pop, and what we’ve found is essentially, at this point, we have published too much Deadpool. And we’re going to scale back on that. That doesn’t mean we won’t have ‘Deadpool’ monthly and ‘DeadpoolMAX.’ We think that those are decidedly different flavors for the reader, but at the end of the day, we realize at one point this really helped the retailers. They were really able to move these units, but now there’s evidence that they can’t.”

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Source: CBR