How I Met Your Mother – Episode 6-5 Review

I think it’s time to break out Barney’s hot/crazy scale, because I’m pretty sure Jennifer Morrison’s new character of Zoey was well beneath the “Vicky Mendoza” line.

This week, Ted tried to pull out of the GNB architecture project. Again. Sorry, but if HIMYM was going to pursue this storyline then they shouldn’t have made Ted turn the job down in the first place. Now he just seems wishy-washy, because he keeps trying to quit his job.

It turned out that the new Goliath National Bank building was going to be on the site of a beautiful old hotel, The Arcadian. When Ted went to check it out, he met a cute architecture nerd named Zoey who asked him to join her cause against GNB. And because Ted is Ted, he did. When Ted told Barney he wanted to save the building, Barney argued that “new is always better.” There are a lot of counter-arguments for that statement, and Ted included a few. Star Wars movies. Guns & Roses. Scotch. All those things are better old. He also could have included jeans, Twitter, Michael Jackson’s nose and How I Met Your Mother episodes. I’m with Ted – at least in a lot of cases, old is better.

Then the truth came out – the only reason Ted had changed his tune about the GNB project was because he wanted to date the girl. Pathetic, but true. Cue the flashbacks of all the times Ted had changed his personality in order to get the girl. So Ted tried to redesign his building to incorporate the facade of The Arcadian, and then he learned Zoey’s married. Whoops. Hopefully this means she’s not the mother – partly because it would be weird if Ted was telling his kids how he stole mommy away from another man, and partly because Zoe did not win me over. She’s way to crazy to be The Mother. She can be The Mother’s weird, activist sister or something.

The funnier storyline this week was Marshall’s devastated reaction to finding out that his friend has a small penis, and that Lily tells Robin about their sex life. Oh Marshall. I love how mid-West he is. And that he wears socks in bed. For traction. The idea that Marshall, Ted and Barney never go into detail about their sex lives was a little far-fetched – I mean come on, it’s Barney. He asks “Boobs?” whenever a woman’s name is mentioned. – but it was worth it for the joke at the end, when no one would tell Marshall what Robin’s weird sexual fetish is. Because you don’t talk like that in the locker room.

This episode wasn’t my favorite, but there were still some pretty funny moments. Like these:

  • “Dude, working together is going to be legen…wait for it …I’ll send you an inter-office memo with the rest because we friggin’ work together!” – Barney
  • Ted is called an “Architect of Destruction” and Marshall says “Sweet wrestling name alert.” Which it is.
  • Ted Mosby, architectural wizard.
  • “I don’t recall saying snakes.”- Barney
  • “Max’s penis is stuck in my brain like a splinter. Like a splinter-size splinter.” – Marshall
  • The entire double date between Marshall, Lily, Robin and Max, where Marshall acts like Max has 3 months to live.
  • “You took longer to get here than I thought, we bonded and I’m keeping her.” – Barney, about the rabbit he was holding Dr. Evil style while he waited for Ted.
  • Jumbo Jim’s grape scotch.
  • “…DARY!” – Barney’s inter-office memo to Ted.

What did you think of the episode? Do you want to see Jennifer Morrison stick around? Do you want her to be The Mother? What do you think Robin likes to do in bed?

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