Tuesday Morning Backlash on Team Smackdown for Bragging Rights and Team Raw’s Mystery Member

Last week we looked at Team Raw for Bragging Rights, which will be this Sunday on PPV. Today, we’ll look at Team Smackdown, but first, let’s update three parts of Team Raw.

First, it seems John Cena really will not be a part of Team Raw, which is really, really heel heavy. This also leaves Raw without much star power, as Sheamus is the only full main event guy since Punk and Miz are only there part time and, well, not yet.

Next, they really apparently are leaving Santino on Team Raw, which means Raw has to lose or seem an utter joke. If this is elimination, at least he can go quickly, I suppose.

Finally, we have Ezekiel Jackson with a big push onto this team upon his return. Supposedly, Ezekiel is an incredibly hard worker and hopefully, with that, he will show he can hang in this match and improve quickly to a prominent spot. I’d assume, though, that the fairly green and surely rusty Jackson will not look great here and this will instead be used as an unfortunate excuse to de-push him. Politics suck.


Now, on to Team Smackdown:

Big Show – As earlier noted, Show is not the most dangerous man int he company to other top guys, but anyone below that elite level, and mind you, on Raw only Sheamus is on that level, finds him deadly and unstoppable. This is important in that he can crush half of Raw alone. I’d like to see Punk defeat him as revenge for their one-sided feud, but I rather expect this to be a rub for Sheamus in eliminating Big Show after show gets rid of or dominates a few Raw wrestlers, again, assuming elimination. If not, then this is going to be one bear to deal with and should alone ensure a Smackdown win.

Edge – Another top guy on Smackdown, Edge is more likely to job in the undercard, but not here, with a new face-role being established, this one far closer to his heel persona, the WWE seems serious about making people root for Edge, and there are plenty of heels for him to get great reaction against on the Raw squad. He hates stupid things, so I’d hope he gets to kill Santino and Truth, both terrible gimmicks.

Rey Mysterio – Rey is here as storyline filler, as his feud with Alberto del Rio is almost sure to play into the match.

Alberto Del Rio – Del Rio, who injured Rey then lost to him in a big Smackdown main event, so he will get revenge here and continue his absurd push. Is Del Rio good? Clearly, but he’s not getting better heat or cutting better promos than Punk, so why is he being so disproportionately pushed above everyone? I know he hits a different demographic, but come on, not as a heel he doesn’t.

Jack Swagger – I get the feeling at this point Swagger is viewed as a failure as a top guy, as he never really seems to have anything to do despite now being a former champion. I’d guess he gets another shot, but for now, he’s just around to add credibility to teams like this since he held the belt. He would be arguably the third guy from top guy on the Raw team, showing just how sad that crew is. Hopefully someone like Morrison pins him if this is elimination for a mini-rub and he goes away quickly.

Kofi Kingston – I just don’t get why he’s so lost on Smackdown. He’s a very good worker and talker, but needs to be in there with guys better than him to learn. Of course, Chris Jericho just left the company, which really sucks for Kofi, but someone like Regal will still do. This match does nothing for him, but is at least a payday for a very promising talent.

Tyler Reks – Reks showed nothing on ECW and I have no idea why he’s here. Maybe Morrison, Swagger, Reks, Ezekiel and Miz will form an ECW answer to Nexus? Otherwise, this is a waste and almost anyone would be better served in this spot. Prove me wrong, Tyler.

That’s it for today, check back tomorrow for the Wednesday Morning Backlash and keep it at Inside Pulse Wrestling for all your wrestling news, reviews, columns and coverage.

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