WWE’s Jim Ross talks Retirement for Edge and More Tough Enough

Edge: “I have not read the latest dirt that Edge is contemplating retirement. Honestly speaking, any athlete that is Edge’s age, he’s still young but has been in wrestling a long time, and has had his laundry list of injuries must obviously ‘think’ about their future if they are smart and Edge is a very smart guy. Edge has earned exceptionally well and he’s been admirably smart with his funds. I see Edge sticking around and contributing a few more years but he will not be one of the guys who’s 50 or more and still wrestling at the local, VFW Hall for grocery money. Edge is a true student of the game and still has so much to give and him being on Smackdown is timely and smart positioning for WWE.”

Tough Enough Being Relaunched on the USA Network: “Lots of on line speculation that WWE and USA Network may bring back the reality TV show ‘Tough Enough.’ That’s new news to me but I like the idea. A true reality show regarding the wrestling genre that is taped outside an arena is more attractive to me than say producing NXT in an arena. Going outside the traditional and established box with the time tested genre works for me as a viewer. I’m a big fan of reality TV shows including ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels,’ ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and several Food Network productions which I perceive as being essentially reality shows. ‘Diners, Drive Ins and Dives’ along with ‘Man vs. Food’ are fun, ‘reality’ type shows to watch. They are kept simple, not over produced and allow us to get to know the hosts and the various restaurateurs. The best reality shows are simply produced and allow the true personalities of the individuals to evolve. When reality TV becomes over produced, overtly fabricated and non organic they lose me.”

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