10 Thoughts On… South Park “Insheeption” Episode 14-10

The third episode of the second arc of season 14 of South Park is all about… Hoarders.

1. They just jumped right in with Cartman telling a hilarious and inappropriate story – although I say “jump in” relatively if you don’t count the 10 minute “Fall Out Vegas” commercial that started the show.

2. Wendy set up a “hoarding intervention” on Stan for his over-crowded locker. At first, Stan says he’d gladly through everything away, but then one by one he wanted to keep everything. Including a broken toothbrush and maaggot infested sandwich.

3. They round up a bunch of hoarders from the town including Stan, Mr. Mackey and sheperd for “hoarding animals”. When they are brought to a psychiatrist, the shepherd tells the doctor that the sheep are his herd, but the doctor corrects him that it’s pronounced “hoard”.

4. Mr. Mackey as a kid is awesome! The three patients all wind up in the same dream – with Mackey as a child and in his school and home.

5. Ah i see where they are going now, with an Inception movie theme. I guess I should have seen that coming given the name of the episode is “In Sheeption”.

6. Like a taco within a taco!? It will be like a taco inside a taco within a taco bell that’s inside a kfc, within a bowl, that’s inside your brain!

7. Much like last week when without any other option, the authorities ask an unlikely enemy for help – Freddie Kruger! He is an expert on dreams… or NIGHTMARES.

8. When Randy Marsh insists on going in and helping his son, he goes into the dream world as a butterfly and goes to get “butterfly poon”.

9. In a plot to help Mackey wake up, they end up murdering a ton of kids, including the bully that tormented him. When they are noted for their error, they respond “oops!”

10. After the whole ordeal, where the shepherd and others died, Stan is scared straight, and cleans out his locker. They leave it with a “or IS it” ending with Kyle asking him if he went through Mackey’s therapy or if that was HIS therapy.

Cartman: So then, the guy hits the ping pong ball with his dick, and it goes in the other guy’s mouth! hahahahah

Cartman: When a chick says we need to talk, you might as well start punching yourself in the balls, dude

Stan’s Mom: Just because an idea is overly complex and convoluted doesn’t make it cool!

I’m not overly familiar with the Hoarder show, but the Inception stuff was pretty funny. I would say this is my least favorite of the three episodes so far this year, but still solid. Just not my favorite. Not enough Cartman!

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