10 Thoughts on WWE NXT for 10.19.2010 – Naomi, Maxine, and the Bella Twins

1. Naomi looks weird without the hair highlight tonight. Bad move by her because that’s what helped make her unique. On second thought, I take that back. Her athletic ability puts her over the rest of contestants.

2. Maxine’s promo didn’t appear natural at all. It sounded forced. Of course, Alicia’s accompanying promo wasn’t much better. The best call in booking the segment was keeping Kaitlyn off the mic.

3. WWE really needs to work on its stream for this show. The first webcast had picture problems and tonight’s is jumpy. I can’t tell whether I”m watching a professional produced show or watching this thing on Justin TV.

4. I used to really dig Buried Alive matches, but I’m completely apathetic to this Kane-Undertaker showdown at Bragging Rights. I figure the Undertaker wins and we get an Inferno match at the Survivor Series to blowoff the feud for good. If this thing goes to WrestleMania God help us all.

5. Vickie’s coaching was reminding me of Rampage in the Ultimate Fighter. Her “C’mon Kaitlyn!” comments were akin to Rampage’s “Get up! Get up!” advice during that show.

6. This show isn’t great or anything, but having Michael Cole take a phone call during a match is really unprofessional and dumb. Everyone assumes that these ladies are going to be given jobs after this show, but I find that hard to believe because the WWE is telling the fans that these women don’t matter.

7. Has no one bothered to tell Blumenthal about the “Stand Up for WWE” campaign? Seems like some type of FEC violation waiting to happen. It’s clear that this is a pseudo “we’re not bad…VOTE FOR LINDA!” campaign. According to Meltzer, Linda’s campaign had no idea that this was going to happen and aren’t very happy about it.

8. I loved Cole and Matthews hating on the “Who’s that Body” contest. It’s pretty silly, but I did laugh when Naomi got Cody Rhodes without choices. I’d forgotten how awful Melina is looking these days. She’s starting to become the Michael Jackson of WWE.

9. So Goldust can’t close the deal? If anyone had game you think it’d be him. Maybe that electrocution years ago robbed him of the same confidence he had when he came on to Razor Ramon and gave CPR to Ahmed Johnson.

10. Naomi wins the limbo contest without having to try to go under the bar when it was adjusted? What a messed up competition, but as Cole said, who was really paying that much attention anyways?

10(+1). Nikki saved the main event tag with her quasi-heel attitude. At least they built a story into the match and made it somewhat meaningful. Does anyone really care if the Bellas split, though?

A really bad show this week. Nothing redeeming at all. I’m sure 20,000 people on facebook will not be liking this next week.

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