NBC Orders Full Seasons For Five Shows

Now, I’m not normally a writer for TV, in fact, this is my first time, but this was something I couldn’t resist. See, I saw that nobody had picked up on this yet here on Pulse, and that was like a crime to me! How could no one report that NBC picked up five shows for full seasons, and a ordered additonal episodes of a sixth?

On Monday it was announced that The Event, Outsourced, and Law and Order: Los Angeles had all been picked up for full seasons on NBC. I personally found this to be good news as, while I don’t watch Law and Order, I’ve been a big fan of The Event and Outsourced, and am happy to see both are popular enough to warrant extended seasons.

But then today? Today they announced Chase was going to get a full season, which I guess is cool if you watch it (I haven’t checked it out yet), but the big deal to me?


Eleven more episodes have been ordered for the perennial fan favorite, bringing the season up to twenty-four episodes!

J.J. Abrams new show, Undercovers, has also had an additional four scripts ordered for it’s first season.

All in all, a good sign by NBC who had come into this season with a wealth of new shows after last years failed Jay Leno experiment culled their 10est/9cst hour of shows. This also means that there will be some stability in NBC’s Monday night line up, as all three shows that are currently on it have been renewed for full seasons.

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Source: IGN