PSN PSP Store Weekly Update: Blazing Souls Accelate, DJ Max Portable 3 & PSP Mini’s

Here are the items now available for download on the PSN on PSP.

Downloadable Games

DJ Max Portable 3 ($39.99)
Come test your coordination and skill. Mix your way through over 40 unique tracks, with tons of unlockables and hidden features.

Blazing Souls Accelate ($34.99)
Enter the world of Neverland, a war-weary world whose long-fought-for peace is being threatened by Human Genomes, a species created by a long-dead god to be the successors to humanity. Join Zelos, an amoral mercenary with a shadowy past and access to almost unlimited power, as he and a group of adventurers who insist on calling him a friend embark on an epic quest of redemption and salvation.

PSP Minis

Age of Hammer Wars ($4.99)

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