REVIEW: Brightest Day #12 By Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi

Brightest Day #12

Written by Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi

Art by Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Scott Clark, and Joe Prado

This issue had one major thing going for it in that it spends the majority of its focus on J’onn, who has had easily the best story thus far in the book. He got a solid two thirds of the book devoted to his plot, and the book was that much better because of it. We receive an encounter between J’onn and the other Martian that he has been after since the title launched, we learn her origins and motivations, and we get a nice glimpse at how radically different the last two green Martians are.

We also get the furthering of the Return of the Black Lantern’s plot during a brief Firestorm piece. I say brief and feel that I’m being generous, as the Firestorm part of the story is only a few pages long and feels over as quickly as it began. There’s definite interest in the happenings of this plot, but the lack of pages it receives makes me antsy. I mean, I was assuming it would be the main plot of the next issue, but then I see that next issue is the Hawk’s and my brain starts wondering how long it will take for this plot to play out.

The meat of the issue is J’onn though, and the way his story plays out is pretty cool. You get a clear idea of just how fundamentally different he is from his counterpart, and how his hopes and dreams are just ideas in his mind. How he wants for things, like the rebirth of his people, the return of his family, things he knows he can’t have. Things he mourns over. But then you give him someone he could have, someone with whom he could rebirth his people, start a new family, but she’s a monster. I can only imagine how that must be, to finally not have to feel alone only to see your potential companion is a sick and twisted being, someone that you would sooner incarcerate then speak to for a moment.

J’onn has the most tortured existence in the galaxy sometimes. And it really doesn’t get easier for him.

As usual, the art for J’onn’s sections of the book is perfect. The mood is captured, the emotions, the setting. Pat Gleason really outdoes himself with this issue, which is saying a lot as I’m a fan of the artist. Scott Clark and Ivan Reis don’t get a giant chance to shine, as they’re pages combine to amass about four pages. I’ve also still yet to figure out of Joe Prado is doing pencils for anything in this book, but hey, at least I figured out what a few artists were doing finally!

Being an issue focusing on J’onn really boosted this issue, as his story has been, and remains amongst the strongest ones. The Firestorm section was infuriatingly short, and Deadman was thrown in almost for the sake of it, but the J’onn stuff really sells this issue. If you’ve been enjoying his storyline, or are just a fan of the character, then this issue will be a good buy. But if you’re looking for more than just him, well, this isn’t your week.



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