Spoiler Warnings: The Other Martians Origin Revealed In Brightest Day #12 By Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi

D’Kay D’Razz is the crazed female Martian that J’onn has been looking for, the last of their species. She wants for them to be together, and she has carved the Martian symbols of love and hate into her chest. She tries to convince J’onn that they must be together, that they must recreate the race he mourns on the planet he seeks to renew.

As a child she discovered that some Martians could read minds while their own were sheltered away, untouched by the telepathy of others. She made it her life goal to fix them, to open their minds so that the entire race could be one open mind. She hunted down those isolated Martians, and she used her procedure on them. Some lived, others were not as fortunate. As she grew older it became harder and harder to find the isolated minds, so she proposed a purge to the Manhunters and Martian High Council.

Her proposition left her declared a deviant and imprisoned in a telepathy dampening cell under ground for hundreds of years, as her race went extinct without her knowledge. Eventually a flash of light brought her to Earth, which led to her doing her damage to Erdel and his daughter. Her telepathy, the thing she justified her crimes on Mars with, was driving her insane with all of these new thoughts from these billions of life forms. It drove her to forsake her Martian origin, wipe her mind of her own identity, and inhabit a human life. She didn’t change her shape, she literally wore someones skin and walked in their shoes. She buried who she was so deep that she didn’t even recognize that there was another Martian on Earth.

Not until J’onn died, at least, which released a telepathic burst that stirred her inner being. It wasn’t until she saw J’onn resurrected on television that she finally awoke and went after him.

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