The Way Too Long Review for Edge: A Decade of Decadence – Disc Three

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The third and final disc.  Once again, this has not been screened by an editor so there might be one or two grammar mistakes and some “Thens” instead of “Thans.”  A fully edited Way Too Long Review, for Chris Jericho’s brand new set is coming within a week or two to Pulse and this is just something to fill up time until then.  Enjoy.

Match #21: WWE Championship
(c) Edge vs. John Cena
8/20/06 Summerslam
Special Stipulation: If Edge is DQed, he loses the championship.

We’re in Boston, but Cena isn’t even safe from the hate-hooing there.  Three years later and the WWE still have not turned him heel.  These guys had faced off at the Royal Rumble and totally phoned it in, so I wasn’t looking forward to this one.  Cena tries to lock up but ends up pushing Edge into the corner.  Cena slugs it out and gets a belly to belly for two.  Cena misses a charge and falls to the outside, where Edge stomps him.  Standing dropkick and the fans approve.  Cena to the apron where Edge knocks him off and a “Cena Sucks” chant breaks out.  I blame the “Ruck Fules” shirt.  Once that piece of shit hit the stores, you could tell they weren’t even trying anymore and the fans reacted bitterly.

Cena back in to get elbowed down and covered for two.  Spinheel kick gets two.  Cena fights back with a falling suplex for two.  Edge sidesteps a charge and sends Cena flying over the top and too the floor.  Cena barely beats the count in again.  Slugout and Cena misses a crossbody.  Edge sells it like a double KO spot for no damn reason and then clotheslines him for two.  Now to a chinlock.  Another anti-Cena chant breaks out.  Cena fights back and slugs it out, but Edge lowers his head, only to land a savant kick for two.  The funny thing about the crowd reaction is Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler attempt to ignore it on commentary.  I mean come on.  Edge climbs but gets crotched on the ropes.  Cena goes for a superplex but Edge fights him off then hits a flying clothesline off the top for two.  The women and children in the audience break out a “Let’s Go Cena” chant trying to drown out the haters who fire off a counter chant of “Cena Sucks.”  Meanwhile, Edge slaps on a camel clutch.  Cena stands up on it and turns it into a reverse Gory Special Bomb.  Cena hits a blockbuster and it turns into a double KO spot.  Lita tosses Edge a chair, proving that she’s an idiot both in and out of character.  Edge is all like “Bitch, you nuts?  I’ll lose the title!”

And thus begins John’s hulk up.  Clothesline, clothesline, protoplex, five knuckle shuffle, but Edge counters the FU with the impact DDT for two.  Edge climbs but Cena catches him and goes for the FU off the top, but Edge wiggles out and goes for an electric chair, but Cena turns that into a victory roll for two.  Edge climbs and hits a crossbody but Cena rolls through it and dead lifts him up for the FU.  Edge wiggles out of that, but gets tossed into Lita and Cena rolls up Edge… for two.  Fans bought that one.  Double clothesline for a double KO spot.  Both guys get up and Edge fires off the Edge-o-Matic for two.  Edge goes nuts and calls for the spear, but John catches him and locks on the STFU.  Lita threatens to KO Cena with the title belt, because apparently she doesn’t understand the rules.  Edge makes it to the ropes without her help.  Lita then passes Edge some brass knuckles.  Cena ducks a shot from them and loads up the FU.  Lita runs in and gets loaded up for it right on top of Edge.  Lita gets FUed, but Edge wiggles out and KOs Cena with the brass knucks for the super shocking pin and retain.  Fans are supposed to be pissed, so the WWE searches around and finds a group of unhappy looking kids.  Meanwhile, everyone else is jumping up and clapping.

*** Pretty bland actually.  These guys don’t really have great chemistry with each other.  It took a thrown in gimmick, in the form of a TLC match, for these guys to produce something special.

Match #22: Money in the Bank Qualifier
Rob Van Dam vs. Edge
2/19/07 Raw

Van Dam grabs a wristlock to start.  Edge turns it into a pin for one and we’re at a standstill.  Shoulderblock by Edge and a monkey flip for Van Dam, then another in the corner.  RVD misses a spinkick and Edge bails.  Commercial already.

We’re back with Van Dam working an armbar.  He snaps off it then locks it in again.  RVD lowers his head and gets kicked, but sidesteps a charge and dumps Edge to the floor.  RVD hangs up Edge on the guardrail and drops a leg on him from there.  RVD busted his mouth open doing that move.  He tosses Edge back in the ring but gets kicked in the face coming back in.  Edge then hits a nasty looking neckbreaker from there.  Another neckbreaker gets two.  Chinlock by Edge that goes on for a bit, but RVD kicks him in the head to escape.  Slugout in the ring finishes with Edge hitting a spinkick in the corner.  Double KO follows.  RVD gains control with a few clotheslines and a thrust kick to the throat.  Shoot off but Edge holds the ropes, only to charge into a spinkick.  Rolling thunder but Edge pops up and hits a powerslam in a nice spot.  It gets two.  Edge pulls RVD to the top for a superplex, but RVD throws him onto the ropes, crotching him.  Spinkick off the top by RVD knocks Edge to the floor.  Crossbody out of the ring hits for RVD.  Back in the ring, RVD goes for a flying crossbody but flies right into a dropkick that connects for Edge.  It gets two.  RVD leapfrogs a spear.  Counter sequence ends with RVD knocking out Edge and hitting the split-leg moonsault for two.  RVD flips out of a splash in the corner and hits the step-over mule kick.  He climbs for the five-star frog splash, BUT WAIT~! because it’s Randy Orton.  He tries to knock RVD off the ropes and instead gets kicked off.  RVD turns around and gets speared by Edge for the pin.

***1/2 pretty good TV match actually.  Good finish, lame run in.

Match #23
Randy Orton vs. Edge
4/30/07 Raw

They skipped the entire Rated RKO era and cut straight to their ‘blow off’ match.  I guess that’s what you would call this.  Edge bitchslaps Orton to start, and they slug it out.  Orton shoots off but Edge bails.  Orton chases Edge around, who bails back in the ring.  Orton thumbs him in the eye and chokes him in the corner.  Slam into the turnbuckle and punches by Orton, then a snapmare and the Garvin Stomp, which Edge screws up the selling off by having a delayed reaction.  It gets two.  Mounted punches by Orton.  Orton is totally squashing Edge, snapping him against the ropes and clubbing at his chest.  Edge is on the apron and Orton sends him flying off and into the guardrail as we go to a commercial.

We’re back, and Edge fights off some more punches by tossing Orton shoulder first into the ring post.  Hey, let’s see a replay of that right now.  That was a big highlight… and while that happens, we’ll miss Edge spearing Orton off the apron and into the announce table.  Jesus f’n Christ.  Kevin Dunn, you are a HORRIBLE director.  This DVD has shown you to be nothing short of a colossal fuckup.  Move after move is missed while you show replays of NON events.  These are the kind of mistakes you guys used to make fun of WCW for making.  We get a couple replays of this move.  Too bad we didn’t get to see it live, but Kevin DUHHH thought it was more important to show Orton get tossed into the ringpost.  You hardly ever see a move like that after all.  Sorry, I’m moving on.

Edge tosses Orton back in the ring and stomps Orton for two.  Horrible one-armed chinlock thing by Edge sets the business back by several decades.  Orton sells this like a chokehold despite Edge’s arm being around his nipples.  Welcome to amateur hour.  Orton shoots off and into a spinkick.  He fights back on Edge and crotches him on the top, but Edge headbutts off.  He jumps but Orton lands a dropkick for a double KO.  Slugout follows, but Edge gets an eye gouge.  Orton counters a charge with the wrap-around backbreaker for two.  Edge charges but runs into a powerslam for two.  Edge-o-Matic gets two.  Both guys go for a crossbody and wipe each other out for another double KO spot.

Edge up first and he takes the turnbuckle pad off.  Orton rolls Edge up for two, turned into a rollup by Edge for two.  Clothesline by Orton who I guess is now the de-facto Babyface.  Ten-punch by Orton but Edge turns it into a snake-eyes for two as he gets caught with his feet on the ropes.  Orton is bleeding but rolls up Edge with his feet on the ropes for two.  RKO is countered into the impact DDT for two.  Orton leapfrogs the Spear and Edge eats the turnbuckle.  Orton goes for the RKO, but gets pushed into the exposed turnbuckle.  He puts the breaks on to avoid hitting it, then turns around into the spear.  Edge makes the cover and wins the match.
*1/2 lots of screw-ups, both from the production crew and the wrestlers themselves.  Bad choice for the set.

Match #24: World Championship
(c) Undertaker vs. Edge
5/11/07 Smackdown

Back story: Undertaker got injured and required surgery.  So the plan was for Mr. Kennedy to cash in his Money in the Bank and take the title off of him.  Only HE got injured and had to miss out on a few months.  It wasn’t as bad as originally thought, but he still was in no position to take the title belt.  Thus, he dropped his Money in the Bank briefcase to Edge on Raw in a situation that was never paid off.  Meanwhile, Batista had a cage match scheduled with Undertaker on Smackdown.  We join it in progress, with Undertaker and Batista dropping out of the cage at the same time.  They show replays from different angles, not showing both wrestlers so you can’t see that they actually didn’t drop at the same time.  Taped show mind you.  Match is ruled a draw.  Undertaker is bloody and broken, and so Mark Henry comes out to beat him up.  He clotheslines him in the ring and hits a couple big splashes.  Taker is seriously messed up, and thus Edge decides it’s time to cash in.  JBL is pissed on commentary.

Bell rings and Edge covers the destroyed Undertaker… for two.  Edge is shocked and covers for two again.  Taker tries to do a zombie sit-up but he can’t manage it.  Edge sets up for the spear, waits for Taker to stand up, hits it, and gets the pin and the title.  After the match, Edge celebrates like a crazy person, then KOs Undertaker with the briefcase.
No Rating, another title change angle.  But this officially made Edge the ultimate opportunist.

Match #25: World Heavyweight Championship
(c) Edge vs. Batista
6/24/07 Vengeance

Special Stipulation: This is Batista’s last shot at the title as long as Edge is the champ.  Harley Race is at ringside and offers Batista a handshake and a raised hand.  Circle to the start.  Lockup, and Batista throws Edge down like a bitch.  Batista slams him from corner to corner and hits shoulderblocks.  Standing shoulderblock gets two.  Another shoulderblock and a top keylock, turned into a grounded reverse armbar.  Batista gets bored with it and lets it go.  Armdrag back into an armbar.  Edge up and he shoots off but Batista hits a sidewalk slam for two.

Shoot off and both guys totally telegraph a low-bridge spot.  Ugh.  Edge goes for a crossbody but Batista catches him and throws him into the apron.  Batista loads up Edge on his shoulder but gets pushed off and into the ringpost.  Batista to the apron, where Edge slugs away and tosses him into the ringpost again.  Batista tries to get back in again, only this time Edge baseball slides him.  Batista finally gets back in only to get taken down into an armbar.  Batista muscles out of it but gets thrown shoulder first into the ringpost.  Edge rings Batista’s arm a couple times, then avoids a slugoff with another takedown into an armbar.  At least they’re wrestling.  Batista stands up on it and hits a Samoan drop, but Edge holds on with a crucifix and retains the armbar.  Batista fights free, so Edge climbs.

Batista gives chase but Edge grabs him by the arm and drops off the ropes to the floor, ringing his arm on the ropes.  Back in, Batista dives and hits a running forearm for a double KO spot.  Big forearms by Batista when those parts should rightfully be crippled at this point.  Edge charges but runs into a Bossman slam for two.  Batista loads up for the powerbomb but Edge turns it into the impact DDT for two.  That move never works, and yet he always acts shocked by it’s complete worthlessness.  It’s total Worst Move Ever Syndrome.  Edge gets pissed and grabs the title belt, but the ref catches him and Batista rolls up Edge for two.  Batista bitches at the ref and gets rolled up for two.  Batista goes for a powerslam but it’s turned into the Edge-o-Matic for another double KO spot.  Edge recovers and calls for the spear, but Batista hits his own.  Fans are going nuts as Batista loads up for the powerbomb, but Edge intentionally hits a low blow to draw a DQ.  Batista wins, but the title stays with Edge.  Lame cop-out ending…

BUT WAIT~!! Teddy Long is out and he declares that Edge is a pussy and the match is restarted.  This time around, if Edge gets DQed, he loses the World Title.

Bell rings and Batista is still selling his scrotum  injury.  Edge smacks him around a bit and calls for the spear.  He hits it and covers… for two.  Edge is really pissed now and grabs a chair, but then drops it when he realizes it means the end.  Small package by Batista gets two.  Batista loads up the powerbomb, but Edge wiggles out of it (or falls out of it by accident, could be either way), so Batista clotheslines him out of the ring.  On the outside, Batista counters a spear and powerbombs Edge on the floor.  He rolls Edge back in the ring, but doesn’t beat the ten-count in himself.  Oh my god… they turned a bad ending into an even worse one.

**3/4 Pretty dull.  A somewhat hot finishing sequence is botched by not one, but two horrible endings.

Match #26: World Heavyweight Championship
(c) Edge vs. Rey Mysterio
1/27/08 Royal Rumble

Edge, evil fucker that he is, brings the Edgeheads and Vickie Guerrero out to beat a guy half his size.  Mysterio wears a spiked Spartan helmet to the ring.  He should have fired off a quick headbutt with it on.  Smart-assed MSG fans hate Mysterio and love Edge.  The booing would actually carry over to television, but Mysterio’s injury prevented him from wrestling in a tag match with Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania and possibly saved him from turning heel in the process.  I actually wouldn’t mind seeing them try a heel run with Mysterio.  Granted, he’s small and thus it would be hard for him to heat-up his opponents, but who knows?  It’s worth trying at least once.

Edge shoves Mysterio to start.  Lockup and Edge grabs a wristlock.  Mysterio fights back and gets booed out of the building, even when he fires off a head-scissors.  Edge gets a shoulderblock, but Rey gets a drop-toehold and a dropkick for two.  Takedown gets one and Edge bails to the ropes.  Slugoff and Edge shoots off Mysterio, then shuffle-boards him out of the ring.  Mysterio lands on his feet, so Edge baseball slides him.  Edge tries to distract the referee so Hawkins and Ryder can beat on Mysterio, but they get caught and ejected.  Huge heat on the referee for that one.  Mysterio sets up for the 619 but Edge moves out of the way.  Plancha by Mysterio and Jesus Christ the fans are just giving him holy hell on everything.  Seated-senton gets two.  Mysterio charges and gets flung onto the second rope.  He sticks the landing but Edge has a clear shot and kicks Mysterio’s knee, causing him to collapse off the ropes and tumble out of the ring.  Back in, Edge stalks him around and kicks away at the knee.  Stompery by Edge and a half-crab.  Mysterio turns around and kicks off of it, then hits an enziguri.  Edge is set up now for the 619, or is he?  Edge is playing possum and gets a powerslam for two.

Edge tries to get a muffler-lock, but Mysterio wiggles out that.  Edge still gets a half-crab, but again Mysterio fights out of it.  Pretty weird sequence where both guys seem to be at a loss for what to do next.  This leads to Mysterio hitting his seated-bulldog for two.  Mysterio chops away and shoots off Edge, then counters a sunset flip with a buzzsaw kick.  Edge shoots Rey to the corner but Rey turns it into a sunset-senton for two.  Rey climbs, gets caught by Edge, but he fights him off and hits a double stomp off the top for two.  Mysterio hits a rana that sends Edge through the ropes and to the floor.  Mysterio goes for a baseball slide and, in a spot that looks like an offense maneuver for Edge, hits a DDT on the floor so weak that it looked like Edge had it a side-slam on Rey.  Back in, that gets two.  Mysterio charges into a boot to the face.  Edge sets up for the spear, but Rey turns it into a rana.  619 and the splash, but Vickie Guerrero gets out of her wheelchair to stop the count at two.  Mysterio sets up for another 619, so Vickie climbs the ropes to act as a human-shield for Edge.  Mysterio gets distracted for a second, then goes for the dime-drop.  Edge spears him clean out of the air and covers for the pin.
**** Wow, this show is WAY better then I remember it.  Pretty good match that was made more entertaining by the pricks in New York City.  Nice pacing, good booking, pretty decent ending.  In a way it’s too bad that the fans were such smart-asses, because this was a good example of how overbooking a heel can be a good thing.

Match #27: World Heavyweight Championship, TLC Match
Undertaker vs. Edge
6/1/08 One Night Stand

Title is vacant here for reasons too stupid to even warrant discussion.  Undertaker starts off with a big boot.  Punches and kicks for a while, then the rope walk, then a running big boot.  Taker bails and grabs a ladder, but Edge predictably baseball slides it into him.  Edge preps up a stack of tables for no damn reason, then gets knocked out again by Taker, this time with a ladder shot.  Taker then starts adding to Edge’s table stack in what I assume is an elaborate wrestling version of Jenga.  Taker screws around doing that too much and gets DDTed by Edge.  He sets up a ladder and climbs but Taker is in and pulls him down.  Taker preps a ladder in the corner and tries to snake-eye Edge on it, but Edge wiggles out and pushes him into it.  Edge preps a ladder in the opposite corner, but Taker reverses a whip and sends him into it.  Taker sets up a ladder and climbs.

Edge catches him, but Taker throws him off into the ladder in the corner.  Edge bounces off of it and knocks Undertaker over into the other ladder in the corner.  Snake eyes into a ladder by Taker, then a running big boot into the corner.  Fans ask for tables, so Undertaker grabs a chair.  Naturally.  Fans are disappointed, until Taker kills Edge with a chair.  They instantly forgive him.  He’s a diplomat, that Undertaker.  Kick to the head, then he sets Edge up on the apron.  Legdrop attempt fails as Edge raises the chair up, causing Taker to injure his knee.  Edge smells blood and whacks at the knee with the chair.  Apparently, Edge felt the chair worked too good, so he grabs a ladder.  Well, that’s a brain fart.  Then again, he’s Canadian.

He preps a ladder between the apron and the guardrail, but Taker counters and goes for the wedgie bomb.  Edge counters that with a punch to the balls.  He remembers the ladders aren’t doing so good for him, so he grabs a chair and smacks Taker across the face with it.  He preps a table, then grabs another chair and smashes him in the head with it.  I expect Undertaker to be bleeding, but he isn’t.  Edge puts Taker on a table then splashes him through it.  Michael Cole, the metro retard calls it a frog splash.  Edge climbs, but Taker is up and short of just shoves him off in a girly fashion.  Edge takes exception to Undertaker’s feminine side and spears him.  Edge sandwiches Taker’s leg in the ladder and chairs it multiple times.  Michael Cole calls it a, quote, “CONCHAIRTO… A VERSION OF IT!” followed by dead air.

How did this guy make it twelve years?  Edge pulls out the twenty foot ladder, then chairs Taker about some more.  By the way, the beam of light that illuminates the belt is awesome looking.  Simply awesome.  Amazing visual in a wide shot.  Edge sets up for the kill shot, but Taker low blows him.  Chokeslam off the apron onto that ladder Edge prepped between the ring and the guardrail.  Taker is free to climb now with Edge out.  BUT WAIT~!  Here comes the Edge heads.  They beat up Taker, then bring a table into the ring.  Fans boo the shit out of this as I’m having Royal Rumble ’94 flashbacks.  They stack another table on top of Undertaker, but he fights out and throws Hawkins over the top and through a table on the outside.  Huge bump, cool moment.  He does the same for Ryder on the other side of the ring.  Edge is alive and spears Taker, knocking him off the apron and to the floor.  Edge stacks another table in the corner where the Edge Heads set it up.  He then decides to climb.  I fucking hate ladder matches.  They make no sense half the time from a logical point of view.  Naturally, as soon as Edge is halfway up the ladder, Taker catches him and powerbombs him through both tables.  Ray Charles saw that spot coming a mile away, and he’s blind AND dead.  Taker is free to climb again, BUT WAIT~!! Here comes Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely.

They pull Taker down and try to conchairto him, but Taker ducks and they whack each other.  Chair shots to their heads via Taker knocks them down.  Taker climbs again… only this time he’s not actually under the belt or even close.  He’s next to the stack of tables they used for the Wrestling Jenga game at the start of the match.  Remember those?  Gee wiz, I wonder if Taker is going through those tables.  Do I even need to go further?  Edge pushes him off, Taker crashes through the tables, and we have a new champ.
* I hate TLC matches for this very reason: Every single spot you can see coming a mile away.  And it does take the coolness factor out of it.  Wrestling just plain isn’t that entertaining when you can see the big moves upwards of twenty minutes before they actually happen.  Guys do things like prep tables for no reason, then leave them alone.  If a table gets knocked over, they have to drop what they’re doing and replace the table to it’s original step up or they can’t continue.  It sucks and it’s played out.  They need to retire the gimmick for a couple years and wait for guys with fresh ideas to show up.  Truth be told, the addition of tables to ladder matches period was not a good idea.  The Hardys and Edge & Christian were just fine before the table shit came into play.  They were able to move from one high spot to the next seamlessly.  You can’t do that when you have tables falling over and guys having to reset them.  Wrestling fans in general love to see guys crash through tables, or so the logic goes.  The live crowd pops for it but I don’t think it’s actually proven to increase buy rates.

Match #28: Hell in a Cell
Edge vs. Undertaker
8/17/08 Summerslam

Sadly, Undertaker starts off right away with his MMA Zombie shit.  This match totally called for him to act like Michael Myers like he did with Shawn Michaels in the first cell match.  They trade punches to start, and Edge runs into a big boot.  Punches in the corner by Taker, then he dumps Edge to the floor.

Taker picks up Edge and rams him into the cage.  Headbutts by Taker, who then cages Edge and grinds him into the cage.  Whip into the stairs by Taker, then a running knee lift to Edge’s head while he’s on the apron.  Taker puts the base of the stairs in the ring, then preps it in the corner.  He snake-eyes Edge onto the stairs, but Edge no-sells it (JR claims he caught himself, but it looked horrible if that’s the case), backelbows Taker, then tosses him into the stairs.  Dropkick by Taker, then a spear to the seated Undertaker.  Edge picks up the stairs and hits Taker with them, then grabs a table from under the ring.  He fumbles around with it long enough to show a couple replays.  He gets one set up, then runs in the ring to clothesline Taker, then bails again to prep a second table.  Dear Christ, please ban table spots now.

He places the second table on top of the first one.  He tries to suplex Taker onto them, but Taker counters and goes for the chokeslam (Jim Ross: Taker had to be thinking “chokeslam”… jee wiz, you think?), but Edge counters and hangs up his arm.  Edge grabs a chair and smacks Taker with it, then grabs another table.  He sets it up in the ring, smacks Taker around, then grabs a ladder.  He dives back in to hit Taker a bit with the chair, then sets up the ladder in the corner.  Yea, because the first TLC match with these two was SOOOO good.  He puts Taker on the table then drops and elbow with the chair onto Undertaker off the ladder through the table and a partridge and a pear tree.  After a long recovery, Edge sets up for a conchairto, but Taker fights out and smacks Edge with a punch.  That stack of tables is still on the outside.  Apparently Edge’s short term memory is as bad as a goldfish.  Taker big-boots Edge off the apron and into the cell.  Taker whacks Edge with the stairs in a pretty good spot.  Edge escapes a battering ram and sends Taker into the ringpost.  He then spears Taker THROUGH the cage.  The entire panel is leaning up against the announce table.  Okay, that was a cool, original spot that fired up the crowd.

Taker bangs Edge’s head against the table, then whips him into the guardrail.  Taker grabs a monitor and tries to kill Edge with it, but he swings like a girl and misses.  Edge grabs it and smacks Taker with it, then a second time that you couldn’t see because they were busy showing a replay of the first one.  Taker is up on the announce table, so Edge runs across two tables and spears Undertaker through the third one.  Some cool spots.  Taker being the overrated twat that he is sits up before Edge recovers and takes advantage.  It wasn’t a zombie-sit-up, mind you.  It was just a no-sell of sorts.  Taker punches Edge around, then meekly tosses him inside the cell again.  In the ring, Edge wipes out Taker with a ladder, then grabs a video camera and KOs Taker with it… for two.  That’s continuity as it’s the same weapon he used on him during the last cell match where Taker fought Batista.  Edge sets up for the spear, but gets caught in a very good chokeslam for two.  Fans seem to have bought that as the finish.  Wedgiebomb by Taker but Edge punches him in the nuts to escape.

Implant DDT by Edge gets two.  Taker punches Edge in the gut, then tries to wedgie bomb him through the tables on the outside, but Edge escapes and hits the spear… for two.  Wedgie Bomb by Taker gets two and we’re in full-blown WORST MOVE EVER~!! mode now.  Taker sets up for a tombstone off the stairs and onto a chair, but Edge gets out of it and hits the Edge-o-Matic on the stairs for two.  And then Edge, in a moment of brilliance Edge decides to go for the Undertaker’s ropewalk… right next to the tables he stacked earlier.  Oh yeah, this will end well.  Taker crotches him and then chokeslams him through the stack of tables.  Nice bump, sure, but if you didn’t see it coming the minute Edge started to ring Undertaker’s arm for the move, you’re officially a mental midget.

Taker spears Edge, then KOs him with the camera.  Undertaker is playing all of Edge’s greatest hits.  He gives him a conchairto, then finishes him with a tombstone.  Actually a nice finishing sequence.  Taker starts to leave but decides to murder Edge instead.  So he places him on a ladder, then sets up another ladder.  As freaky video clips of random spooky stuff plays, Undertaker chokeslams him off the ladder, THROUGH the ring.  The hole in the ring catches fire, signaling Edge is now in hell, where he pals around with Chris Benoit (murderer), Mike Awesome (suicide), Davey Boy Smith (wife beater), Jim Barnett (gay), and Junkyard Dog (black).  I guess the Mormons were right about which races could get into heaven.

**3/4 Better then the TLC match by leaps and bounds, and yet there was almost as much telegraphing of the high spots.  A few bits of innovation, and a highly-logical ending that saw Undertaker give Edge a very large dose of his own medicine saves for me.

BOTTOM LINE: I normally wouldn’t complain about a DVD having too many matches, but when there’s so little in the way of pure awesome to be found in a set, it’s seems like something worth bitching about.  I actually went into this match as a big fan of Edge’s, but have sort of discovered that he’s a really overrated in the ring, and you can’t fully appreciate that until you see several of his matches in a row.  He’s really not all that he’s cracked up to be.

I don’t do thumbs in the middle, so I’m going to do one of those lame cop outs… if you’re not a fan of Edge’s or you don’t care about having a large match collection on DVD, skip it.  If you’re a fan of Edge’s, you’ve already bought the DVD and are already busy writing your hate mail to me.  But it’s my DVD and my call and I’m saying there is NOTHING here that is worth owning that isn’t found in a better set.  Big thumbs down from me.  Edge reeks of Suckiness.

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