10 Thoughts on Green Lantern Corps #53 (Review) by Tony Bedard and Tyler Kirkham

Green Lantern Corps #53

Written by Tony Bedard

Art by Tyler Kirkham

1. Kyle Raynor confronts some Sinestro Corps members on Korugar when a new threat shows up and kidnaps Soranik to get Sinestro’s attention.

2. The Weaponer of Qward is an awesome villain, having made Sinestro’s ring and being able to make basically anything by finding a weakness, he’s a great foil to the rainbow corps.

3.  There are some great uses of GL power here, with Soranik, the doctor, using a syringe and scapels with her ring, while Kyle goes the standard mecha route.

4. Kyle being cocky over what he accomplished and staring down the Sinestro Corps is awesome.  Him mentioning it two more times the same issue makes it seem like that’s the only trait of his Bedard has managed.

5.  Sinestro being utterly unimpressed with Kyle alone is awesome, as is Kyle’s haymaker of an answer.

6. Akrillo is still wearing his tongue around his neck from his Mongul ass-whupping, but as he was one of the few Sinestro Corps members with characterization, not allowing him to talk is a mistake.  The other members are mostly fairly generic bullies.

7. The art in this issue is fantastic, with several really cool splash pages used mostly to get over big moments as just that.

8. I get the feeling Sinestro really did destroy the Weaponer’s life and he’ll end up being a more interesting villain for his valid motivation.

9. Grey Scherl guest thought: “Why couldn’t Bedard have opened with this issue? That Alpha Lantern arc was mind numbing, but this issue hits the ground running and doesn’t let up. We’ve got action, plot twists, and a new kind of threat that I actually care about. Oh, and Kyle Rayner decking Sinestro. That alone sells this issue.

10. Rating: 7/10– This is very good, more along the lines of the quality of the book when Tomasi was writing, easily Bedard’s strongest issue as we have an interesting villain with logical, mysterious motivation, a properly motivated hero going after him, and an unlikely alliance, all with great characterization and an epic feel.

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