10 Thoughts on Superstars 10.21.2010 – Dashintyre, Nexus, Santino Marella

1. Two matches on tonight’s Superstars are tag matches. Good to see those tag teams put to good use, even if it is on a Thursday. But, baby steps, my friends.

2. As Santino’s final match before Bragging Rights, I wanted to see a little more from him as a serious competitor, seeing as how he’s a member of Team Raw. Not that I mind watching Kozlov shine for once or the fantastic tag team fluidity, but I feel he should have put on his serious pants and proved his worth as a member.

3. The friction between the Usos for the finish definitely puts one more nail in the tag team coffin. Not the final nail, but getting closer.

4. Darren Young chopped his hair off…oh, happy day!

5. I’d like to see William Regal do more stuff like this. Putting him up against younger, greener babyfaces really puts them over with the crowd and hands them some valuable training. Even Darren Young, the weakest performer of NXT Season One, has grown tremendously.

6. The Nexus coming out and cutting a promo in lieu of a match is very similar to playing recaps during Superstars, but still somehow better. I like that it actually serves a purpose, as it generates hype for the pay-per-view this weekend. But, as much as I adore the Nexus, I would prefer an actual match to watch, instead. Still, if they are going to forgo a match, this is the best way to go.

7. If they need to drop Cena’s name during Superstars, why not just bring him on it once? I guarantee you can resuscitate the Superstars concept by including the big dogs once in a while.

8. I really do enjoy Dashintyre. They have excellent chemistry, and seem to have finally found their niche within the company. But as tag team champs, they need to be synchronized in other ways, such as their entrance. But please, don’t mix their songs Jerishow status…that won’t be pretty.

9. Here’s the new music MVP promised me on Twitter a week ago. It fits him pretty well, I must say.

10. I always look forward to those moments before the end of a tag team match when mayhem breaks out, and the ring gets cleared before the winner is decided. And tonight’s was executed perfectly. Masters and MVP looked great, and the tag champs looked strong.

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