UFC Primetime: Brock Lesnar-Cain Velasquez Episode #3 Recap

This is the last episode of UFC Primetime before Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez square off in the main event of UFC 121.

We start off at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose. Daniel Cormier is Cain’s wrestling coach and does his best to give Cain a big body to train against. Being a heavyweight, Cain doesn’t have to watch his weight very much. His team wants him around 245, well within the 265-pound heavyweight limit.

Just like Brock did on last week’s episode, Cain takes his camp outdoors to get a change of pace. It helps break up the monotony of being in the gym everyday.

Team Lesnar is in final prep mode with only two training sessions left before they leave for the fight. Brock credits his coach, Marty, for molding him into a champion from a lump of clay. Brock always had the physical gifts but Marty has taught him how to fight. Lesnar loved his camp and feels in great shape.

I love the Brock quotes in this series and he’s going out with a bang with diamonds like this: “The hay is in the barn, the woodshed is full of wood, and now it’s just the calm before the storm. A big storm.”

AKA’s resident Aztec spiritual advisor Huitsi Mata, also acts as Cain’s boxing coach but we’re going to concentrate on the former for pure entertainment value. Where was this guy in the first two episodes?

Cain Velasquez arrives in Los Angeles to a throng of Latino fans. He’s undoubtedly a star in the Latino community, as the crowd chants overwhelm him and make him more motivated to take Brock’s belt.

Brock doesn’t seem too thrilled about all the media attention he must give during fight week. He’s ready to get into the octagon, a sentiment shared by Cain Velasquez.

“It’s about one other foe thinking he’s better than me. And proving him wrong.” – Brock Lesnar

“It’s about showing him that I can go out there and beat him. And I will.” – Cain Velasquez

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