10 Thoughts on Chaos War #2 of 5 (Review) by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Khoi Pham

Chaos War #2

Written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente

Art by Khoi Pham

1. The mortals are all in stasis as the heroes try and figure out what to do… luckily they have Amadeus Cho, because Hercules and Thor are pretty confused.

2. Mikaboshi takes over the Marvel Hell’s, driving out Death so that he can send the legions of the underworld after our heroes… a nice touch, but it means he can’t kill the heroes who he has unconscious thanks to killing Nightmare.

3. Hela, Pluto, Zeus and Ares not being able to hold off Mikaboshi certainly makes him seem incredibly dangerous.

4. Which brings us to the team assembled to fight him:  Sersi works well in that she’s quite powerful, Venus offers some nice options, and Galactus is one hell of a power source, Hellstrom handles the magic… along with Herc, Thor and Cho… that’s formidable… but why not gather an army of gods like the army of heroes he just had?

5.  And Hercules gets to look dangerous by tossing Surfer away like he was nothing. Well, with his new, nearly infinite power, that works.

6. At least now we can see how the “Dead Avengers” will be involved, but why is Alpha Flight tying in?

7.  I get the higher cosmic entities not wanting to be involved, but Cho is right, Herc still should have tried more of them just in-case.

8. There are far, far too few awesome sound effects here, although the art remains good and the book is still the closest thing to Simonson’s Thor.

9. There is a lot of coincidence here- we have all powerful Hercules who can summon Eternity with a snap, but somehow not combat Chaos King in any real way.

10. Rating :6/10 – This was good, although less impressive than the first issue.  There was too much plot convenience and showing off here for my taste.

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