Colin Farrell in Running for Total Recall Remake

The Total Recall remake is getting closer to finding it’s star, who will have to fill the very big shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger who starred in the 1990 original.

At the top of the list is Colin Farrell, with the likes of Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender close behind.

As of now, no offers have been made for a star.

The film which Len Wiseman will be directing, is planning for a late March production start date.

This remake will be a “contemporized adaptation,” which was based on the Philip K. Dick story, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.” The story follows a man, Douglas Quail, who unable to afford a real trip to Mars, goes to a company called Rekall Inc. and buys a literal dream vacation. Quail then comes to believe he is a secret agent and winds up on a Martian colony, where he fights to overthrow a tyrannical ruler controlling the production of air.

It will be interesting to see who screenwriter Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium, Salt), tackles one of Dick’s favorite topics; reality vs. delusion. Perhaps he can get some advice from Christopher Nolan who just epitomized the concept with Inception.

But this real question is: Which star will be available to star in the film?

Farrell is set to star in By Virtue Fall which begins shooting in January, so he will most likely be free for the March start date.

Hardy’s 2011 calendar is already filling up after starring in Inception. He is rumored to be reteaming with Nolan for the third Batman movie, which will shoot in the spring and summer. In the fall, Hardy will star in Fury Road, the newest installment in the Mad Max franchise.

Fassbender, who is also blowing up thanks to Inglorious Basterds is currently shooting X-Men: First Class in England. Rumors flying around him include Peter Jackson’s two-movie adaptation of The Hobbit. Which, if true, could take him out of the running for Recall.

Sound Off: Who would you like to see shout “Give them the air!” Frankly, I don’t think anyone could do it as well as Arny did, but depending on how this turns out, it might be an okay remake. Thoughts?

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Source: Heat Vision