Friday Morning Backlash on WWE Bragging Rights Preview with Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett and Raw vs. Smackdown

Time to preview Sunday’s PPV, and, as always, you can catch live coverage here at Inside Pulse Wrestling. Me? I’ll be watching Football, sorry, so no report card, but in the morning on Monday you can catch the Top 25 WWE Talkers Ever.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett with John Cena – Barrett has earned a title shot against new champion, Randy Orton. Wade, of course, defeated John Cena last month and has gotten Cena to join Nexus. He intends to have Cena in his corner to help ensure a win this month.

What should happen: Cena should have a moment’s hesitation in helping Barrett win, leading to Orton retaining the title. The story is going along fine and there’s no need to rush things doing the title switch yet, as interesting as Barrett with the title would be. Orton can later mistrust Cena, leading to him snapping.

What will happen: Cena will cost Orton the title leading us to Orton vs. Cena at Survivor Series where we can get the real heel turn. It being Survivor Series, I bet Bret Hart is involved.

World Title Match: Kane (c) vs. the Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match – Kane, jealous of his brother, left him in a coma and won the title. Undertaker came back and attacked Kane for revenge, nearly getting it before Paul Bearer turned on him for burying him alive 6-years ago. Now, the brothers have a buried alive match, just like back then.

What should happen: Kane should win and Undertaker should disappear until Wrestlemania to heal up; he looks terrible and will do no one any favors as champion.

What will happen: Undertaker will win and give Kane a rest for awhile because that’s what Undertaker does.

Team Raw (The Miz, Ezekiel Jackson, R-Truth, CM Punk, Santino Marella and Sheamus) vs. Team Smackdown (Big Show, Tyler Reks, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and Edge – This is, of course, for Bragging Rights, and Team Smackdown has been dominating because, well, Raw kind of sucks.

What Should/Will Happen: Smackdown will win to show they are now even with Raw. Okay, Reks likely gets killed early, hopefully by Jackson, but more likely Sheamus. Rey and Del Rio will mess eachother up and end up eliminated early, as will Santino. Big Show and Edge will end up against all of Team Raw but Santino (who Del Rio or Rey will get rid of). The faces will then rally and win, setting up Edge as Smackdown’s top face after Punk gets rid of Big Show (ideally, anyway).

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler – They talked trash against one another and so will have a match to see who the better secondary champion is.

What should happen: This should be great and steal the show, making those who are skipping this PPV feel bad for doing so. Both are great mat wrestlers and with a small card can really get a long time to perform. Bryan has to win after Sheamus killing him on Raw.

What will happen: The match will be good, but not great, and Bryan will win.

WWE Divas Title: LayCool vs. Natalya – Natalya has looked great against LayCool who have resorted to Honky Tonk Man type measures to keep their title against her. Well, Natalya gets another shot now.

What should happen: Natalya should take the title and begin to be built up for a big match with a returning Beth Phoenix.

What will happen: LayCool will keep their title through more heel shennanigans and WWE will wonder why no one cares.

And now, Jake Ziegler with the best match from last year’s Bragging Rights 2009. Check the full review of that one Sunday!

Undertaker vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk:

Undertaker has been the champion since 10.4.09 and this is his second defense. Punk goes right after Mysterio, and Batista comes to his little buddy’s rescue. Undertaker cuts Batista off with a clothesline. Punk then goes after the Champ, and then gets dumped to the floor. Mysterio follows Punk to the floor with a seated senton off the apron. This is all within the first minute by the way. Mysterio dropkicks Undertaker to the floor, but back in the ring gets his head taken off by an Undertaker big boot. Batista tries his hand with Undertaker but gets trapped in the Old School. The action is coming nonstop from every area of the ring. Mysterio tries a super rana but Undertaker catches him and tries the Last Ride, which Batista breaks up with a spear. Now Mysterio and Batista face off about who should cover the champ. Of course they wait too long and Undertaker sits up. They take him back down and Batista whips Mysterio into the 619. Batista follows with the Spinebuster but Punk breaks it up. Punk hits Mysterio with the Go 2 Sleep and Batista breaks it up.

Undertaker grabs Batista in the Hell’s Gate and Punk breaks that up. Punk hits Undertaker with the running knee in the corner, and Undertaker comes out of the corner with the Last Ride but Batista breaks this one up. Undertaker and Batista trade soup bones, ending with Undertaker hitting a Chokeslam. Once again Punk breaks up the cover. Undertaker tosses Punk to the floor. Batista hits Undertaker with the Batista Bomb but Mysterio breaks this one up and goes for his own cover, much to Batista’s chagrin. They argue and Batista roughly shoves Mysterio to the floor. Undertaker hits Batista with another Chokeslam and this time Batista kicks out. He goes for another one but Batista fights him off and they clothesline each other. Punk comes in and tries covers on both men but can’t get a three. Batista hurls Punk to the floor, and then catches Mysterio out of the air and throws him on top of Punk! Undertaker then hits Batista with the Tombstone Piledriver to get the win at 9:58. That was insanely short but they packed so much action into it that it was ridiculously entertaining.

Rating: ***½

For some reason Josh Mathews gets in the ring to interview Mysterio and Batista. Mysterio says they gave it their best shot but came up short. Batista says he’s tired of his best friend stabbing him in the back. He calmly tells Mysterio that he’s not playing, and that he’s going to rip his head off. He then proceeds to destroy Mysterio in the best executed heel turn in recent memory.

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