James Robinson’s Hawkman Ongoing Series takes flight with top artist

Bleeding Cool is reporting that the much rumored Hawkman ongoing series that James Robinson alluded to at New York Comic Con a few weeks ago, and covered here at the Comics Nexus, is very much a reality, and that artist Phillip Tan will be completing the creative team. Tan is known for his work on Green Lantern and Batman and Robin. There’s no time table on when DC will make an official announcement, or when the title would launch, but it would be a safe guess that it would wait until after the conclusion of Brightest Day, as Hawkman is currently starring there.

Robinson could be the best choice out of DC’s current staple of writers, as Hawkman as a traditional superhero has never really worked out too well in sales. The last time the character really saw success in a solo title it was when Geoff Johns was writing the book and put most of the focus into the past lives and cycle of resurrection. I could see Robinson doing something similar with great success.

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Source: Bleeding Cool