ThaOShow #190: Interview w/B.G. James a.k.a. Road Dogg Jesse James[Podcast]

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro, Dan-e-o are back with an outlandish 190th episode of “Tha O Show”!

Along with “Fatty” Frank Fronte, tha boys hit you with some Rated “O” Radio just a day late…so we know you can’t wait to get to it.

On this week’s show, you’ll get…

“Tha Os And NOs”!

The Notorious T.I.D.’s “Pit Stop” including talk of UFC, “Dexter” and this week’s picks in Tha NFL Survivor Pool.

AND “Tha Round Table” featuring former TNA and WWE Superstar, B.G. James a.k.a. Road Dogg Jesse James!

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