The Big Bang Theory – Episode 4-5 Review

Oh, how the tables have turned. After seasons of watching Leonard swoon over Penny, and then date Penny, and then pining for Penny, the other guys are getting some action. Sheldon’s got his non-relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler, Howard is back with Bernadette and apparently Raj is dating a deaf chick. (The BBT producers better not drop this storyline – I want to meet this girl.)

But Leonard? Leonard is all alone. Even the guy from the comic book store has a girlfriend, albeit a fat and mean one. So Howard set him up for a double date with Bernadette and her friend Joy. Joy was everything that Leonard is not – crude, athletic, intimidating. She was like Penny on steroids and crack, and she terrified Leonard. Leonard was planning on bailing on the date, saying that he still had some self-respect, when Joy invited him to an upcoming wedding. Where there would be an open bar, so she’d basically be giving it away by the end of the night. And poor, lonely Leonard said “Sure!”

Joy was funny, but I certainly wouldn’t want her around for more than a couple episodes.It could be fun to see her meet Penny. (Speaking of which, was last night the first of the string of episodes where we don’t see Penny because Kaley Cuocu broke her leg? I hope she’s back soon, I missed her.) Anyway, while Leonard was having trouble with his lack of a girlfriend, Sheldon was having trouble with the fact that he might have one.

Despite the visit from Sheldon’s mom, Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler are still strictly in friend-that-is-a-girl and friend-that-is-a-boy territory. They “hang out” via webcam – something that upset Leonard when he found out that Amy had been watching him nap for a couple hours. He stormed out, and Sheldon explained that “He’s a cornucopia of social awkwardness.” Oh, the irony. The Amy Farrah Fowler did the unthinkable – she asked Sheldon if he would meet her mother. Sheldon freaked out (him running down the stairs crying “Leonard! Leonard! Leonard!” had me cracking up) and tried to hide from Amy by changing his address, phone numbers and eliminating his online footprint. He even had the mail carrier helping him out, who told him “I got your back, Jack. Bitches be crazy.” One problem, though – Amy had been to their apartment before, so she could easily find him.

Finally, it was revealed that it was all a big misunderstanding. Amy has no interest in a romantic relationship, she just wants her mother to THINK she’s in one. It was a ruse! The final scene where Amy and Sheldon told her mother of their relationship via video chat was both disgusting and hilarious.

What did you think of “The Desperation Emanation”? Will “Shamy” ever be a real couple? Does Leonard belong with anyone other than Penny? Are you as excited as I am to meet Raj’s deaf girlfriend? Here are some more hilarious lines and moments from the episode:

  • “Leonard, you are my best friend, I’ve known you for seven years, and I can barely tolerate sitting on the couch with you.” – Sheldon
  • “A feel good romp if there ever was one.” – Sheldon, describing the movie A Beautiful Mind.
  • Sheldon comparing Leonard’s lonely state to his MeeMaw’s situation and suggesting he attend a seniors’ center.
  • Leonard pretending to work at the Apple store Genius Bar to try and pick up women.
  • “I was once robbed by a pre-op transsexual I met on JDate, and that didn’t even crack my top ten.” – Howard, on how many bad dates he’s been on.
  • Leonard: What would you be if you were attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis?
    Sheldon: Screwed!
  • Raj’s personal ring tone on Howard’s cell is “Brown-Eyed Girl”.
  • Sheldon reciting a poem about stars as he walks down the stairs.
  • “Amy, I find myself wondering if we should engage in coitus at least once in our relationship…Bazinga.” – Sheldon