The Office – Episode 7-5 Review

I’m obsessed with Mindy Kaling.

If you watch The Office and don’t know who she is, I’m very disappointed in you. If you don’t watch The Office and don’t know who she is, I’m mildly disappointed in you. Because she’s awesome. She plays Kelly Kapoor on the show, but she’s also a co-exec producer and writer. She wrote last night’s episode, which I thought was hilarious, and so many other of my favorites: “Secret Santa”, “Niagara” and “Diwali” are just a few. Her Twitter feed is hilarious and she’s on the way to writing her own romantic comedy film and a book.

The cold open was hilarious – I laughed at the fact that Oscar has the same bike as Lance Armstrong, and the fact that Michael can’t ride anything that doesn’t have training wheels or isn’t bolted to the ground for a spin class. Well, he can ride, he just can’t steer. Which became obvious when he drive it straight into a car.

The main plot this week was about a successful, good looking sales competitor who was stealing Dunder Mifflin’s clients. It was Danny Cordray, played by Timothy Olyphant. When Jim and Dwight saw him at their sales meeting, they called in Michael for help to no avail – their client had decided to go with Danny. So what do you do when a guy is poaching your clients? You poach his technique!

Dwight, Jim and Michael set up a fake office that was being videotaped (the videotaping was already set up, thanks to Dwight The Creep) so they could have Danny come in for a fake sales call and watch him work his magic. Mistake #1 was asking Meredith to pose as the executive he was pitching to. Meredith is a sex addict! Of course she couldn’t be trusted with this ruse! They sent in Oscar, and then Ryan to do damage control, but Meredith pretended both guys were just abnormally well dressed janitors who couldn’t speak English. Watching Meredith hitting on Danny was hilarious and made me want to shower immediately. Eventually the whole scheme came crashing down and Michael ended up hiring Danny as Dunder Mifflin’s new traveling salesman.

Will this character be around for a while? I hope so, because I liked what he brought to the show. The whole romantic history with Pam added a great extra layer of tension, and the way Dwight was a jerk until 5:00 p.m. hit was out of character and very funny.

The subplot this week was also hilarious, because it involved two of my favorite characters – Andy and Darryl. I’m so glad the writers kept Darryl on the main floor with the rest of the crew, because his interactions with them are some of the best scenes. Andy wanted to one-up an old classmate who’d scored some sort of commercial deal or something, so he offered to pay Darryl to jam with him in the warehouse. They ended up actually enjoying themselves, and used Kevin for a novelty song about frogs. This band MUST be seen again.

Overall, I thought it was an incredibly entertaining episode – what did you think? And, check out these other funny lines and moments from “The Sting”:

  • “A horse is a bike that pedals itself.” – Dwight
  • “I was on Sheryl Crow’s side in that whole thing, so I feel really weird right now.” – Kelly, at the mention of Lance Armstrong.
  • Dwight calling Jim “Mr. Jock Hipster”.
  • I said “Josh Duhamel” at EXACTLY the same time as Kelly when Michael asked who Danny reminded them of. Apparently the answer was supposed to be a young Michael Scott.
  • Everyone replying “Stay the same” in unison when Michael gave them the speech that had won Danny over. They know him too well.
  • Dwight saying that Pam is “one of the plain, hearty women of Scranton that make this city great!”