The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 6

For this episode Spike TV has done us the honor of providing an obnoxious ticker at the bottom of the screen so that we know, to the second, when the new season of Blue Mountain State will begin. Does this make you want to watch the show more or less? Just wondering.

There’s a weird little moment wherein Koscheck wanders into a dressing room as Michael is being stretched and gets on his case. Michael though seems willing to try one on St. Pierre’s nice guy act and simply walks away.

We sit in as Team Koscheck strategizes how to pick the remaining three fights. We also get interviews with Team GSP as they complain that Team Koscheck is immature and that they should realize that they have only won one fight thus far and that in the end it could be 7-1 Team GSP. Agreed, though perhaps these tough guys should toughen up a little. We’ll just chalk that up to typical manufactured storytelling by the producers.

Koscheck is out in full force playing the role of heel as he ribs Michael for being fat and out of shape. Soon members of his team are out there and Team Koscheck is having a grand old time dusting off old, bad jokes and lobbing them at Team GSP.

Fight Announcement

Koscheck, oh so proud of finally being in control has first pick and matches up his #1 overall guy against the other teams #6 pick.

Cody McKenzie (Team GSP) vs. Marc Stevens (Team Koscheck)

During the staredown Cody gives Koscheck a little tap in the chin. Oh course Team Koscheck (including Koscheck themselves) have a quiet freak out session over it. Clearly this team has a classic case of being able to dish it out but not take it. The word “disrespectful” is tossed around, it’s almost enough to make me believe that these two teams truly don’t like each other.

St. Pierre lectures his team on the merits of being nice. The fight itself is being billed as a minor David vs. Goliath with Stevens playing the role on unbeatable monster. He also talks a very good smack game piling on McKenzie for anything he can think of. According to him McKenzie is just a lazy redneck who has never taken the time to devote himself to the sport. If nothing else his vastly superior physique does seem to back that story up. Stevens also talks about how he is going to move McKenzie from 11-0 to 11-1 though if memory serves these fights don’t actually count for or against a person’s win/loss record. McKenzie talks about how unorthodoxed his style is and says that he merely sees Stevens as a roadblock on his way to a paycheck.

Cody McKenzie vs. Marc Stevens

Round 1- The two combatants feel each other for a minute or two before Stevens decides to charge in and take his chances with a takedown. Really bad idea as McKenzie smells blood instantly and locks on his soon to be world famous guillotine choke. A few seconds go by, Stevens tries a punch to the body to no avail and a few more seconds after that he is out cold. Are you kidding me?

Cody McKenzie defeated Marc Stevens via submission (Round 1)

Since that fight took less than twenty seconds we go right back to another match announcement. St. Pierre is back in control and choosing the last of the first round matchups. He decides to go with. . .

Jonathan Brookins (Team GSP) vs. Sevak Magakian (Team Koscheck)

We get our required time spent with the training sessions pretty late into the episodes. While St. Pierre is teaching Brookins how to work the ground game the two of them clash heads thus resulting in a nasty gash above the eye of GSP. We also know that this fight is not destined for a third round as there is only 10 minutes remaining in the episode.

Jonathan Brookins vs. Sevak Magakian

Round 1- These two are also apprehensive about flying into things. Once they come together Brookins hits a textbook belly to belly suplex which is just about the best you will ever see. When Magakian goes to stand up Brookins is damn sly in hoping on his back and slowly starts to devour him with his jiu jitsu. Magakian, to his credit, holds on for a few minutes but as soon as he makes a mistake Brookins is able to go for the rear naked choke that he was obviously aiming for and puts another member of Team Koscheck to sleep.

Jonathan Brookins def. Sevak Magakian via submission (Round 1)

We then have some quick interviews with the fighters and a look ahead to next week’s episode. It will be the last of the quarterfinal fights along with the coaches challenge and the announcement as to who will claim the two wildcard slots.

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