WWE’s Paul Bearer talks about Vince McMahon saving his life

Arda Ocal of Right After Wrestling on SIRIUS Radio 98 is joined by legendary WWE Manager Paul Bearer. Highlights:

– Candid thoughts about his wife’s battle with cancer

– The WWE assisting him with the gastric bypass surgery that saved his life prior to his return to the company at WrestleMania 20

– Will Paul Bearer enter the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011?

– How have Kane, the Undertaker and Paul Bearer withstood the test of time?

– During his initial interview with the company, the WWE not knowing he had a legitimate degree in Mortuary Science and he not knowing the WWE was casting for a manager for the Undertaker

EXCERPT: “I’ve always been heavy, in fact I was morbidly obese (before WrestleMania 20) And Vince McMahon picked up the $35,000 tab for the gastric bypass surgery. There’s no doubt in my mind, if I didn’t have that surgery, I wouldn’t be here today, I would have died long before my wife did. When my wife was first diagnosed with cancer in 2001, Vince and Linda and company were always there for me. When my wife passed away, they were reaching out and taking care of me.”

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