10 Thoughts Review on Hulk #26 by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman

1. Jeff Parker brings us a Red Hulk working for Steve Rogers as he first stops a nanotech virus with Tony Stark then smashes meteors with Thor.

2. So first Iron Man beats on Red Hulk last isssue, now Thor this issue and we get Watcher at the end.  This will be the quick revenge of everyone Rulk ran over when Loeb was establishing him.

3. Hopefully this being ran through doesn’t mean that General Ross’ redemption is similarly rushed as the long time villain could really use the full redemption arc.

4. The art here is a bit cartoon-ish, but the panel layouts are great and really give this a good flow.

5. Banner gives us impetus for the random machinations of Leader and MODOK to show up for a long time in a nice subplot.

6. I hope this isn’t being rushed to get Hulk in Avengers since neither that book nor this one need the boost.

7. Since Rulk will work for Rogers and attacked the White House, wouldn’t he make more sense in Secret Avengers directly under Rogers and as a secret than in the public Avengers with Thor and Iron Man who hate him?

8. The destroying meteors stuff sure was simple.

9. The backup with Rick Jones fighting a sea monster is still … not necessary.  I hate A-Bomb.

10. Rating: 6/10 – A solid issue, but they’re really rushing things here.  Rulk is becoming more interesting by the issue, but we really don’t need to revisit the Loeb crap to this extent.

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