10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 10.22.2010: End the Brand Split & Kane’s Non-Embarrassment

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1. At the start of the show when Team Raw and Team Smackdown announced their mixed brand matches it was fresh and exciting to see people who wouldn’t usually have matches put together. Perhaps it is time to end the brand split as just think of all the new feuds and excellent match-ups we could potentially have: Sheamus/Big Show, Big Zeke/Rey, Morrison/Alberto – the list could go on and on.

Actually, hang-on, wasn’t that what Superstars was originally supposed to be all about? – exciting mixed brand matches? – rather than glorified jobbers on the same brand battling each other every single week.

2. The opening 3 man tag was excellent and completely different to what we have come to expect nowadays. Usually 3 vs. 3 matches are just a full out-blown stomp fest but this match-up was full of heart-stopping and spots and showed off each competitor’s abilities. Plus, the Big Show/Rey finisher was totally reminiscent of Andre/Snuka which I loved – they should team up more often.

3. RAW haven’t actually had the upper hand on both RAW and Smackdown this week so this obviously means that RAW will win at Bragging Rights – oh how I love it when WWE keeps their fans guessing.

4. I wish The Miz would stop going on about how Smackdown is the ‘B Show’ – erm which WWE show is it that has endless goofy segments, more often than not terrible matches and ‘celebrity’ guest hosts nobody gives a fudge about?? – yes it’s RAW. Smackdown has the best talent who they use to their advantage to produce great matches rather than having them dance with Divas.

Perhaps if Smackdown did go live on a Friday night it could potentially and let’s face it easily become the ‘A Show’ which it so rightly deserves to be.

5. If there is one thing I hate on Smackdown more than stupid Hornswoggle segments it’s the RAW rebound – it takes away five minutes of my life that could be spent on doing more interesting things like reading an academic journal on the digital divide (and I hate being made to read academic journals by my lecturers.)

The funny thing is RAW doesn’t tell the viewers anything about Smackdown even if something major does go down. If you only watched RAW there would be a possibility that you wouldn’t even know that Smackdown existed.

6.  I thought we had seen the end of the Hornswoggle/Chavo feud? Obviously not when we seen the final ever cruiserweight champion attack the Swagger’s feathery mascot *sigh* – Hey, Smackdown can you please stop with all the nonsense asap – you’re better then that. Oh and was that a Hornswoggle chant I reluctantly heard the crowd shout? – ergh.

7. John Morrison needs a rejuvenation asap – a completely new moveset, his finisher needs to go – what happened to the brilliant and fresh one he used a few weeks back? – plus a makeover wouldn’t go amiss so he could get rid of those unfortunate bedazzled pants and beard, oh and a personality transplant. We all know he definitely has the potential to go far but with the way he is right now it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

8. What did CM Punk say when Edge tired to hit on him? – I’m straight Edge *ba dum tsshh* – if anybody else has a really lame wrestling joke please leave a comment.

9.  I fast forwarded through the Kane/Orton match as I had a presumption that it would be horribly slow and long – was I right? I’ll never know as I don’t plan to go back and rewatch it anytime soon.

I did catch the ending though. Seriously that was a barrelful of laughs – Kane must not feel embarrassment at all, because that was mega cringeworthy. I once had to give birth in a play before in front of only 300 people and I hated doing it so god knows what Kane felt like screaming to high heavens whilst getting pulled underneath the ring.

10.  Best Match: 3 vs. 3 tag team match.
Worst Match: Jack Swagger/Santino.
Best Segment: Probably the whole McCool dressed up as Bret Hart segment because it was so bad it was good. She does make a good man though – must be down to the incredibly deep voice.

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