Billy Batson back as ‘Captain Marvel’ in Deathstroke’s Titans after Jan’s Shazam #1???

Writer Eric Wallace who helms DC’s Titans, which includes Osiris the Captain Marvel Jr. of Black Adam’s own Black Marvel Family, also pens a Shazam #1 book in January 2011 featuring the Marvel Family/Shazam mythos. A rebirth for the franchise coming?

Eric Wallace sat down with the Newsarama to talk his Shazam #1 work and Marvel Family plans. In one question, he says that the end of the issue will lead to Captain Marvel being featured in Titan’s storylines. He didn’t see “Shazam” (Freddy Freeman’s current identity) or “Marvel” (Billy Batson’s last righteous super-powered identity).

So, does that mean Judd Winick’s Trials of Shazam has been undone? Will Billy be back as Captain Marvel? Or is this all one misleading typo? January 2011 can’t come soon enough so we can find out.

Nrama: Does this tie into your Titans work in any other way?

Wallace: Again, the answer to that is a resounding, “yes.” What happens at the end of Shazam #1 is the first speck on a larger canvas in showcasing the Marvel family as one of the DCU’s premiere superhero families. More immediately, the ending of Shazam #1 will also bring Captain Marvel directly into the current Titans storyline in a surprising way.

Cover to Shazam #1:

Shazam #1 (2011)

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Source: Newsarama