Steven Spielberg to direct Robopocalypse.

DreamWorks and Disney announced today that Steven Spielberg’s next directorial outing will be an adaptation of the as of yet unpublished book “Robopocalypse.”

The novel, written by Daniel H. Wilson, will be an epic post-apocalyptic techno thriller. Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) has written the adaptation.

The film is set to begin production in January 2012 for a release the following year.

The book will be published on June 7, 2011. Wilson also wrote “How to Survive a Robot Uprising.”

As of now, Spielberg’s last film was the abysmal Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, however his two released for 2011 should return some of his street cred. The much talked about The Adventures of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn and War Horse, an adaptation of the 1982 children’s WWI fiction novel by Michael Morpurgo, are both set for release in December of next year.

Sound Off: Frankly, Robopocalypse sounds like it should be a Robot Chicken sketch, and episode of The Venture Bros. or perhaps an article in The Onion. However, there must be something behind it if Spielberg took an interest in the story before it was even published. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Is this the kind of film you want to see Spielberg directing?

source: THR

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