Former WWE Star Batista Dislikes PG Direction, Says That’s Why He Left, and Criticizes John Cena

Batista said the following:

“I didn’t agree with the direction the company was going in. It was geared more toward the PG rating. I fell in love with wrestling again in the late ’90s with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson It was edgy, and that was the kind of wrestling I knew and loved. It wasn’t like that anymore, and my passion for it died a little bit.”

“I’m hoping the cycle will come around again, and it’ll get a little edgy and it’ll be my time to come back and shine a little bit,” he said. “I love kids. I’m not anti-kids. I just don’t think kids are going to relate to me the same way they’re going to guys like John Cena, guys who are, to me, more bubblegum. There’s nothing bubblegum about me.”

The full interview can be found here.

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