Inside Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Monday Night RAW 10.25.2010 – Wade Barrett Determines John Cena’s Fate

Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW!


We’re LIVE from Green Bay, Wisconsin as the Nexus make their way to the ring. Wade Barrett is title-less and John Cena & David Otunga show off their Tag Team Titles. Wade Barrett gets booed out of the building, but he wants to talk anyway. Wade introduces the Nexus, including John Cena who mocks Wade in the process. Wade brags about helping Kane bury the Undertaker alive. Of course, we can’t find out WHY they helped Kane. Also, Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton and he wants John to explain what went down. Cena explains that he helped Wade win via disqualification. Wade sugarcoats it to benefit him. John Cena reiterates the order that if Wade won the match, everything is good. The RAW GMail chimes off and Michael Cole reads that since Wade won the match last night, he is entitled to a rematch and to keep things in order, a special guest referee will be named by the winner of tonight’s match between Randy Orton and any member of Nexus. Of course, Wade Barrett picks John Cena to face Randy Orton. David Otunga complains about Cena winning the Tag Team Championships and doing it by his own. So to further devalue the Tag Team Championships, we get a Tag Team Title match between Cena & Otunga versus Gabriel & Slater.

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships: John Cena & David Otunga v. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater

John Cena starts off, but Wade Barrett states that the Nexus don’t fight among themselves, so someone has to lie down. Wade orders David Otunga to lie down and lose the tag team titles. Cena tags in Otunga and he is wondering what to do. More stalling commences and Otunga drops to a knee. Slater covers and the pin is academic.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater
Grade: FTS

Seriously, Wade Barrett should have used “Freebird Rules” for the tag titles instead of further devaluing the titles, but then again, the WWE never cared for Tag Teams anyway.


Last week: Dolph Ziggler gets humbled by Daniel Bryan.

Vickie Guerrero shows up on the stage with Kaitlyn and she complains that Dolph Ziggler was cheated by the referee. It won’t happen again because he’s going to embarrass Daniel Bryan.

Dolph Ziggler v. Daniel Bryan

CM Punk comes out to the stage! MARK! MARK! MARK! The bell rings and they circle the ring. Mat wrestling to begin and Dolph continues to try to get an advantage. Mexican surfboard by Bryan and Bryan locks on a reverse crossface mid-move and Dolph gets out of it. OOOH! CM Punk mentions how Daniel Bryan was trained by William Regal and Shawn Michaels! HA! Cover by Bryan gets a two count. Dolph mounts some momentum, but Daniel Bryan monkey flips him out of the ring. Bryan runs…SUICIDE DIVE! We take a break as Daniel has the advantage.


We’re back and Bryan continues to control the action. Cover by Bryan gets two and we replay the dive before the break. Bryan misses a roundhouse, does it again for a cover of two. LaBell lock, but Ziggler gets to the ropes. Ziggler gets a sunset flip for only two. Sleeper by Ziggler, but Bryan gets out of it. Kick to the head by Ziggler, but Bryan kicks out. Zig Zag lands badly and Bryan covers…reversal by Ziggler gets two. Ziggler sends Bryan to the corner and we get a uranage for two! Ziggler crawls to Bryan and he locks on the Sleeper! Bryan counters to the LaBell Lock and Vickie grabs Ziggler’s leg under the rope and he taps out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan
Grade: B

Vickie is outraged and the referee stands by his decision. Ziggler looks to attack, but the referee stops him and in light of all this, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan stare at each other.


Besides elections, the WWE wants the viewers to know that they have a reading program. The WWE does good all the time, don’t let the liberal media say otherwise.

The Bellas pimp out to Toby Keith. He gives them CDs and they give him a lifesize digital championship. Sheamus walks into the room and he calls Santino a disgrace. Toby Keith looks on as if we are at a G-20 convention. Sheamus challenges Santino to a match and he accepts. Toby knows when a bitch is gonna get canned.

Meanwhile, Wade Barrett puts John Cena in his place. Cena threatens to quit, but Wade Barrett tells John Cena to wait before making the biggest mistake of his life. If he beats Orton tonight, then Barrett will have an offer that Cena can’t refuse.


On SmackDown, LayCool embarrass Natalya.

LayCool v. Gail Kim & Melina

Melina takes Layla to task from the get-go. Layla gets a timely kick in and she takes out Gail Kim. Mid-air collision between the two legal divas. McCool gets a tag and she kicks Melina in the face for the win.

Winners: LayCool
Grade: FTS

LayCool takes their titles and run while the getting is good. Meanwhile, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler tell us that we should vote and to not wear a WWE T-Shirt when going to the polling place. In other words, vote for Linda. Oh wait…I can’t.


AWESOME! The Miz and his Miz-itch joins us. It seems that the Miz is upset because Team RAW lost last night. He accompolished more in his career than everyone in the arena done in their lives. He admits that he is not a miracle worker. He berates the rest of the RAW locker room, saying if they had a grain of talent, RAW would have the Bragging Rights trophy. He brags on being in the background of John Cena on SmackDown v. RAW 2011. We get clips of an all-Miz cover, though. He blames his team, SmackDown, and Rey Mysterio. He challenges Rey to come on over to RAW.

Eve Torres makes her way down to the ring. Miz looks to leave, but she beckons for him to stay. The Miz mocks her for liking R-Truth. She tells him that he needs to worry about being a 15 minute flash-in-a-pan……..frog-face loser. There’s more, but just watch the segment. Eve continues the verbal assault and the Miz-itch cuts her off. I smell fun coming. Eve goes to leave, but here comes HER MAN!

R-Truth dances towards the ring and we get CRUNK! R-Truth wants a piece of “Kermit”. The truth hurts and the RAW GMail chimes in and Michael Cole is a bit too happy. Ding, ding, ding.

R-Truth v. The Miz

Truth takes it to the Miz from the start and the Miz gets knocked out of the ring. Miz-itch tends to the Miz while Cole-itch cheers his man on.


We’re back and the Miz covers Truth for a two count while Miz-itch chants him on. Miz gets a chinlock applied. Truth gets out of it and covers Miz for two. Lariat sends Truth down and Miz-itch slaps fives with Cole-itch. Miz scoops Truth up, but Truth counters down for two. Truth and Miz deck it out in the corner and Miz goes for his corner charge. Cover gets two again. Superplex attempt by the Miz, but Truth knocks him down. Miz runs into a boot and he still evades Truth. They trade off and Miz gets a timely kick. He runs into a clothesline and here comes the Truth. Front face suplex gets a two count. Truth looks for the opening and Miz counters at the corner. Splits by Truth and REVERESE STUNNER! Cover gets two yet again. Miz goes to the apron. Truth sends Miz off the ropes and he connects with the announce table. Miz-itch gets involved and Eve slaps the taste out of his mouth. Truth kicks Miz-Itch against the wall. Lie Detector is countered into the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.

Winner: The Miz
Grade: B


Toby Keith is introduced as tonight’s guest star. He talks about football, Green Bay, and wrestling.

Santino Marella v. Sheamus

$5 says that Toby Keith gets involved, given his wrestling background in TNA. If that is the case, welcome to midcard hell, Sheamus. Lockup to start and Sheamus owns Santino. Splits by Santino is ineffective and Sheamus continues dropping the knee repeatedly. Brogue kick…and Santino drops down. John Morrison comes out for insurance. Brogue kick again, but Santino drops down. Morrison asks Sheamus what he has to prove. Brogue kick in the corner…Santino ducks down and Sheamus gets hung out to dry. Santino gets the lateral press…….and the win?

Winner: Santino Marella
Grade: N/R (Midcard hell is appealing, I reckon.)


We get a clip for “Stand Up For WWE”.

Backstage, David Otunga wants to talk to Wade Barrett alone. He wants to know why Barrett humiliated him. Otunga says he might tell the world why they attacked. Barrett brings in Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty and he tells Otunga that he has a choice to make. Otunga tells Barrett that he’s Nexus. Joy.


Next week, Pee Wee Herman will guest star on RAW. Next, please.

John Cena (w/Wade Barrett) v. Randy Orton

Stalling to begin and Orton gets the upperhand for the moment. Feeling out process continues as they jockey for position. They lock up again and Orton gets sent to the corner. Bulldog attempt is countered by Orton and he does the Garvin stomp. Cena mounts a comeback and Orton sees the next move and Cena connects with mid-air and he rolls out of the ring. Barrett sneaks up by Orton and Orton decks him as we go to break.


We come back to Orton having Cena in a chinlock. Cena breaks out of it and gets Orton into the A.A., but Orton counters into a DDT. Cover gets two. Orton waits for Cena and he knocks him back down. Cena slumps over in the corner. Pillar to post and Cena gets a second wind. Shouldertackles! Protobomb! Five Knuckle Shuffle connects and Orton gets picked up for the A.A. Countered to an RKO attempt, countered to the STF, and countered again. Orton goes into his zone and he hits a snap powerslam! Hangman DDT attempt is countered and Orton is vaulted outside the ring. Wade Barrett looks to get involved, but Cena knocks Barrett out of the way. Cena and Orton take it back in the ring. To the ropes, Cena gets the flying Fame-Asser on Orton for two! Cena waits for Orton and we get the A.A., but Orton counters and drops Cena on the ropes. Cena plays possum and he locks on the STF! Barrett tries to cheat again and Cena isn’t having it. They have words again and Orton gets a dropkick in. Hangman DDT connects and Cena is down! Orton gets ready for the RKO…COUNTERED! Orton gets scooped up into the A.A! Cena covers…ORTON KICKS OUT! Cena picks Orton up and Orton gets the RKO out of nowhere! Cena rolls out of the ring to prevent the cover. Barrett looks on intently as Orton goes out of the ring and he picks Cena up and put him back inside the ring. Back inside and Cena is deader than a doornail. Orton seizes the opportunity and he lines up for the punt. Barrett pulls Cena out of the ring and he clotheslines Cena for the DQ!

Winner via DQ: John Cena
Grade: B-

Nexus charges and they gang up on Orton. Cena tries to save Orton and Wade Barrett calls them off. He announces John Cena as the special guest referee for Barrett/Orton II at Survivor Series. It’s simple, if Wade Barrett loses the match, John Cena is fired. If he wins the match, John Cena’s servitude to the Nexus will be over.

Show over.

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