Pulse Wrestling’s Bragging Rights 2010 Report (John Cena, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton)

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Bragging Rights Report
Live from Minneapolis, Minn
Announcers: Matt Striker, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

We started the show with Striker talking up the Buried Alive match, and they show the burial plot on the stage.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces us to Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Daniel Bryan
Bryan starts out quickly, and Dolph is forced to regroup on the floor. Bryan chases him, but Dolph gets behind Vickie. Bryan then climbs on the ring apron, and leaps over Vickie with a knee to Dolph’s face. They roll back in, and Ziggler takes over. Ziggler works over Bryan’s neck with a chin lock. Bryan fights out, sends Ziggler to the corner, then charges with a dropkick but misses, and lands on his head. Ziggler is back to working on the neck. Bryan eventually fights his way out, and hits a series of kicks. Bryan hits a diving clothesline, then a standing Shining Wizard for 2. Bryan with a springboard dropkick for 2. Bryan then misses a roundhouse, and Ziggler rolls him up for 2. They both pop up, and Ziggler nails a Superkick for 2. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag, but Bryan holds on to the ropes, and Ziggler lands on his back. Bryan then hits a roundhouse kick for 2. Bryan goes to the top rope, but Ziggler hits the ropes, and Bryan is crotched. Ziggler makes his way up, but Bryan reverses it, then goes for a belly-to-back suplex, however Ziggler turns it around, and he lands on Bryan for a 2 count! Bryan reverses the pin, and gets 2 himself. Ziggler goes for the Sleeper, but Bryan rolls out, both men hit the ropes, and they hit simultaneous Crossbodies. Both men and down, and the Ref starts a 10 count. They are up around 8, and then they go back and forth with a series of roll-ups and quick pins. Ziggler then nails the Famasser out of nowhere, and gets a 2 count. Ziggler locks on the Sleeper, but Bryan gets to the ropes. The Ref makes Ziggler break the hold, and Ziggler and Vickie are not happy about it. Ziggler gets in the Refs face, and then when he finally got back to Bryan, Bryan quickly locks in him up in the LaBell Lock for the submission.
Winner – Daniel Bryan

The Miz is backstage with Alex Riley, saying that he taught Daniel Bryan everything he knows. Sheamus comes in, and says that he will not be taking orders from The Miz. CM Punk comes in and says that he was part of SD, and knows them well, so he should be Champion. Santino comes in and wonders where the snacks and beverages are. They all continue to bicker, and then eventually leave. Miz tells Riley that this is what he wanted to happen, and that the chaos of Team Raw will lead them to victory.

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre come out and say that they have no competition. The Raw GM chimes in and says that there is a team on Raw that deserves a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Nexus music hits (to a pop), and Wade Barrett comes out. Barrett then brings out David Otunga, and his tag team partner, John Cena!

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre (c) vs. The Nexus (David Otunga & John Cena) – WWE Tag Team Championship
Otunga demands that Cena stay on the outside, and he starts the match. Otunga gets smacked around, and quickly tags Cena in. Cena hits a Stalling Suplex on Rhodes, and Otunga wants a tag back in. Cena refuses to, and Otunga gets in Cena’s face, allowing Rhodes to attack. McIntyre gets tagged in, and hits Cena with a Flatliner. Rhodes back in, and he locks in a half Camel Clutch. Cena fights his way out of it, and goes to hit Rhodes with the layout bomb, but Rhodes flips though, tags in McIntyre, who then misses a clothesline, and Cena hits him with a layout bomb. Cena then tells Otunga that He Can’t See Him, then hits the fistdrop on McIntyre. Rhodes distracts Cena, McIntyre charges, but Cena back body drops him out of the ring, but not before Rhodes gets a tag in. Rhodes charges out of the ropes, and Cena drops him on his face, and locks on the STFU for the win.
Winners and New Champions – The Nexus

Otunga celebrates with both title belts. He eventually gives one to Cena, then goes on the top rope. Otunga comes down, and lands right at Cena’s feet, and Cena hits him with a FU.

Matthews with Ted Dibiase & Maryse. Dibiase will wrestle Goldust tonight, and he wants his belt back.

Ted Dibiase (w/ Maryse) vs. Goldust (w/ Aksana)
The match is pretty much back and forth. Maryse keeps barking at Aksana, and eventually she attacks Aksana. Maryse then tosses Aksana in the ring, and Goldust checks on her. Dibiase jumps Goldust from behind, and hits a DDT while Goldust was on his knees for the pin.
Winner – Ted Dibiase

Maryse gets the Million Dollar Belt, and goes to bring it in for Dibiase, but Aksana attacks her, and takes the belt away. Dibiase is now staring down Aksana, and Aksana looks like shes trying to seduce him, but she just distracts him enough for Goldust to come from behind and nail the Final Cut.

Commercial for Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, with the Dudebusters in it!

Layla (w/ Michelle) (c) vs. Natalya – WWE Unified Diva’s Championship
Natalya dominates the majority of the match. They fall to the floor, and after Natalya gets Layla back in, Michelle goes to hit a big boot, but Natalya catches it, and shoves her to the floor. Natalya goes to climb in the ring, but Michelle pulls her off, and Natalya hits her head on the floor. Back in the ring, Layla locks on a modified Rings of Saturn on Natalya. Natalya fights out, and goes to lock on the Sharpshooter, but Layla squirms out of the ring, grabs her belt and goes to leave the match. Natalya catches her, and brings her and the belt in the ring. The Ref gets the belt out of there, but at the same time, Michelle boots Natalya, and Layla scores the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – LayCool

Promo for Survivor Series airs, with Wade Barrett saying that we are either Nexus, or against us.

Matthews goes over the rules of the Buried Alive Match, and then a video plays.

Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) (c) vs. The Undertaker – World Heavyweight Championship – Buried Alive Match
As Kane comes down to the ring, Undertaker attacks him on the ramp. Taker rolls him in the ring, and the crowd starts a ‘We Want Blood’ chant. They then fight though the crowd, and up the steps, as UT continues to dominate. UT tosses Kane back in the ring, and then starts tossing chairs in the ring, followed by the top of the announce table. Kane escapes the ring before a chairshot, and UT follows sending him through the crowd again! UT tosses Kane back in the ring, but Kane pops up, grabs a chair, and hits him in the gut, and then over the back with the chair. They fight their way up the ramp and to the grave plot. Kane climbs up the mound of dirt, and Taker follows. They go punch for punch, but then UT locks on the Hell’s Gate, and Kane is out cold. UT rolls Kane into the grave, but then sees Paul Bearer there next to the tombstone. He then shoves Bearer into the dirt, picks him back up, and wants to chokeslam Bearer in the grave, but The Nexus attacks UT (sans Cena). Kane gets out of the grave, and nails UT over the head with the urn, and UT falls into the grave. Kane then does his pyro move, and a bulldozer full of dirt dumps on top of UT for the win.
Winner and Still Champion – Kane

Matthews is with Randy Orton. Orton says that he will take out Cena if he has to.

Team Raw (The Miz, CM Punk, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino Marella, R-Truth & Sheamus) vs. Team Smackdown (The Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio & Edge) – Bragging Rights Elimination Match
Reks & Morrison start. They go back and forth, and Morrison tags in Santino. They hit a double team drop kick, and Santino goes for the Cobra, but misses, and Reks hits the TKO DDT for the pin.
Santino Marella is Eliminated (Reks)
Jackson enters the ring, and Reks tags in Big Show. They go back and forth, but Show gets the best of him, tags in Mysterio, with some quick offense, then Kofi is tagged in, and they do some double teaming. Jackson fights out, and tags in Sheamus. (Anyone else think that Sheamus & Zeke would be an awesome tag team?). Sheamus runs roughshot over Kofi. Kofi fights back, hits the SOS, but Sheamus is next to the ropes and gets the ropebreak. Kofi leaps on Sheamus in the corner, but Sheamus gets out of it, and hits the High Cross for the pin.
Kofi Kingston is Elimited (Sheamus)
Mysterio & Punk now square off, and Del Rio tags himself in. Mysterio is yelling at him, and Punk shoves Del Rio into Mysterio, sending him to the floor. Del Rio then tosses Punk to the floor as well. Del Rio follows, and tosses Punk back in the ring, then tosses Mysterio into the retaining wall. Mysterio is hurt, and he is taken to the back. Show is screaming at Del Rio. Swagger & Morrison are tagged in. Swagger goes for the Vader Bomb, but Morrison gets his feet up. Swagger catches his feet, and goes to turn it into the Ankle Lock, but Morrison gets out if it, lays out Swagger and hits Starship Pain for the pin.
Jack Swagger is Eliminated (John Morrison)
Reks is back in, and he lays out Morrison. Sheamus gets the tag, but it looks like Reks has got Sheamus’ number, only for Sheamus to nail the Pump Kick for the pin.
Tyler Reks is Eliminated (Sheamus)
Show is in, and he bowls right over Sheamus. They fall to the floor, and fight up the ramp, but the ref is counting, and they both get counted out.
Big Show is Eliminated (Count Out)
Sheamus is Eliminated (Count Out)

Edge & Truth are in, there is some quick moves, and Truth nails a leg lariat, then a clothesline for 2. Truth goes for the Lie Detector, but Edge moves, and nails a spear for the pin.
R-Truth is Eliminated (Edge)
Morrison is in, and he hits a quick knee to Edge’s face for 2. Morrison moves Edge to the corner for Starship Pain, but Edge moves. Morrison lands on his feet, but looks to have twisted his knee, and Edge nails a spear for the pin.
John Morrison is Eliminated (Edge)
Punk is in quickly, and he goes for a GTS on Edge, but Edge slides through, and goes for a spear, but Punk dodges it, and Edge goes shoulder first into his corner. Del Rio tags himself in, but as he is gloating, Punk rolls him up for the pin.
Alberto Del Rio is Eliminated (Punk)
Del Rio acts like he didn’t care to begin with, and as his is going back to the entrance, Mysterio comes back out, and attacks Del Rio, and gets back to ringside. We are down to Edge & Mysterio for SD and Miz, Zeke, and Punk for Raw. Punk and Mysterio are squaring off again. They go back and forth with some good action. Mysterio drop toe holds Punk into the ropes, and hits the 619, then the springboard splash for the pin.
CM Punk is Eliminated (Mysterio)
Zeke is in, and he runs over Mysterio. Lots of power moves, but Mysterio cuts out his legs, hits the 619, then the springboard splash, then the pin.
Ezekiel Jackson is Eliminated (Mysterio)
The Miz is the final man in for Team Raw, and he quickly gets Miz in the ropes for the 619, but Riley distracts Mysterio. Miz goes to attack from behind, but Mysterio puts him in the ropes again, and goes for the 619. Riley gets in on the apron, and takes the 619 for Miz. When Mysterio goes for the springboard splash, Miz gets his knees up. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Mysterio rolls though, leaps over Miz, tags in Edge, and Edge gets a spear to pin Miz.
The Miz is Eliminated (Edge)
Winners – Team Smackdown (Edge & Myserio Survive)

Recap of Nexus/Cena/Orton.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett (w/ John Cena) – WWE Championship
Before the match, Barrett grabs the mic, and tells Cena that if he doesn’t win this match, Cena will be fired tonight. This prompts a ‘Fire Cena’ chant. The entire match is slow and boring. About 10 minutes in, the Ref gets knocked out of the ring. The rest of Nexus hits the ring, and they maul Orton. Cena gets in the ring, and takes out Otunga & Gabriel, while Orton RKO’s Slater. Barrett lays out Orton, and gets in Cena’s face about what he just did, however Cena explains that he had to, because the Ref was coming to. Barrett goes for Wasteland, but Orton slides out, and hits the C+ Backbreaker. Orton is lining up for the RKO, but Cena gets in the ring behind Orton. Cena then runs around Orton, picks up Barrett, and nails him with the FU!
Winner via DQ – Wade Barrett

Because Wade Barrett won the match, Cena can not be fired. Cena goes to give Orton his title belt, but Orton is not happy, and he hits Cena with a RKO! Orton celebrates on the turnbuckle, Barrett comes from behind, and he gets an RKO as well.

Show Over.

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