Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-5 Review

Welcome to another review of Desperate Housewives. Hope you all had a great week.

Spoiler-free zone:

Having now reached the 5th episode of the season, you would assume that the episodes would slowly become less detailed and have a more apparent format and structure.  However, this episode has turned out to be my favourite one so far (not that there are many episodes in the season to compare it to, but still…). All the storylines are appealing and the comedy-drama-mystery-twists combination works great.

Spoiler zone:

There is something about Bree this season. So far I find her storyline the one to deliver best. While it is a light storyline there is still so much to it. She is now in a state where she is going against her image. Whether it’s the impulsive act of tearing off her wallpaper or sleeping with a contractor, we see a Bree who is slowly going against type and enjoying a new life. Keith’s non-stop humping desires, was probably what got me laughing the most this week. This may be due to the Janet Leigh/Psycho reference that happens when Keith gets in the shower with Bree for even more sex. “Please tell me you’re here to stab me” is one of the funniest one-liners I’ve seen on the show. After many funny parts, the storyline ended with a little meaningful insight on Keith, Bree and how they see each other in their relationship. All in all, a very entertaining and satisfying story.

Lynette’s story also amused me this week mainly because of the little twist in the end. Dealing with Tom’s mother losing her memory is a very delicate subject matter that can turn out to be incredibly interesting. Before that, however, it was also enjoyable to watch that whole traditional housewife vs. modern housewife theme going on. Felicity Huffman’s performance was pretty strong throughout the episode especially in the parts were her perceptions, of a good wife and mother, are being challenged.

Gabrielle and Renee shared a storyline this week. Eva Longoria, after a few dramatic episodes, gets the chance to have some fun with her little clash with Renee. The two are indeed quite similar characters so a hot and cold relationship is expected. Gaby’s nose-job reveal was fun to watch, probably because of the treatment she was getting by her fellow neighbours. We rarely see Gaby being looked down on, so the general outcome was pretty entertaining. I’m also happy Renee didn’t get back with her ex. I like her the way she is.

Susan’s storyline was spiced up this week. While I was positive that last week’s mystery “stalker” was probably Mike, it turns out it was Paul, which is even worse. Her money-problem story was grounded this week and it got more serious. Her being alone and desperate in these few early scenes added a few more layers to her problem. Lynette knowing will hopefully advance the plot even more.

Paul’s story (a.k.a. the mystery this year) also moved along. His plan (to turn all of the residents against each other) is still confusing and Mary-Alice saying that he will succeed made him even more dangerous to my eyes. I am really happy with the originality that this season’s mystery brings. Every aspect of the storyline seems quite organised while still maintaining the feeling of the unknown.

To conclude, like I said above, this is the best episode so far. It provides material for future episodes while at the same time it manages to be very engaging.

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