Writer Chris Roberson reveals classic JLA villain behind DC One Million’s return in Superman/Batman

Following on earlier news that DC One Million makes its return in Superman/Batman #79, writer Chris Roberson Epoch: Time Lorddished on the arc.

You’re delivering a two-issue story, which makes it hard to talk too much about the plot, but since the solicitation read, “What dangerous foe threatens to destroy both the 853rd and 21st centuries?,” I thought I’d ask what dangerous foe does threaten to destroy both centuries?

[Laughs] I’ll tell ya! It’s Epoch, the Lord of Time! He was introduced in “Justice League of America” during the first year of the original Gardner Fox/Mike Sekowsy Justice League, then he appeared like four times over the next 25 years or so until Grant used him in the “JLA/Wildcats” one-shot that came out during his “JLA” run. I just thought it was a fascinating character and a great way of bridging the gap between those two eras – a villain who travels in time. His stated motivation in the old Silver Age and Bronze Age stories was to conquer what is now to us the modern day: the 21st Century. He was able to travel to the future to get cool technology and bring it back to beat the original superheroes. That’s where the story starts, and what happens next is the story.

DC One Million - Cover to S/B 79

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