10 Thoughts On… South Park Coon 2 Hindsight “Coon and Friends “Episode 14-11

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The coon returns in the fourth new episode of this half season, which has been pretty good so far. The Coon was one of my favorite episodes and it worries me to see them bring him back because the second time around often isnt as funny (see: Imaginationland)

On with the thoughts!

1. The Coon is back! This time Mysterion is part of his team as “Coon & Friends” which also includes Stan as “Toolshed”, Token as “Tupperware” and Timmy as “Iron Maiden”. Kyle isn’t represented, I wonder if he will be revealed as Mysterion.

2. Cartman’s mom is his “faithful butler” who drives Coon and Friends into town. She’ll also grab some groceries. Cartman also scolds a hero in a half costume named “Mint Berry Crunch”, who Cartman later leaves behind on a mission.

3. In town, a new hero “Captain Hindsight” flies to the site of a building fire. He points out all the things that could have been done differently, including not building right next to it, or having a roof that could support a helicopter. Then he flew off, and 14 people died.

4. Professor Chaos is in Cartman’s basement in The Coon’s Holding Cell. The Coon has kept him there for six days and the bucket he was left to poop in is all full. Butters is still the best.

5. Cartman has installed a “Coon & Friends” siren in all the friends’ houses, and he puts out super loud “Coon & Friends Alerts”

6. After the first break, Cartman, in a suit, approaches Captain hindsight with a business proposal to join “Coon & Friends”, including the first three months free. However, when Hindsight refuses, Cartman calls him a scab for not joining the superhero union.

7. Next, Mosquito causes a mini-mutiny against Cartman in a Coon & Friends meeting. So as the team went to the supermarket for Mosquito’s plan for a bake sale, Cartman brutally attacked him with claws on his hands. This has apparently won Cartman the control of the team for now.

8. Instead, the team goes with Cartman’s plan to take pictures of Captain Hindsight naked with Butters, also naked, and dressed as Courtney Love. Despite executing the plan, the Friends vote to kick Cartman out of Coon & Friends. When he threatened to tell his mom, she turned on him, saying he shouldn’t have beaten up his friends. She also scolded him for cursing, which maybe the first 2 times she was ever harsh with him (outside of the Dog Whisperer episode)

9. It’s a dead whale on the moon! Continuity of sorts from the episode they saved the whale and launched it to the moon on a Mexican space shuttle.

10. Throughout the episode, they showed very bizarre bits with the BP president apologizing repeatedly in different, exotic or expensive locations.

DP President: We no longer f[beep]ck the earth, we DP it

Cartman: You can’t kick me out of Coon & Friends, I’m the f[beep]cking Coon!

I guess I should have seen it coming that it would be part of a multi-part episode, as that’s the pattern from re-using characters in mass like in Imaginationland. They piled on the political references in this episode, including unions, oil spill and hindsight. I’m not sure where they are going, but I guess we’ll find out in Part 2 next week.

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