Batman And Robin Creative Shuffle: Tomasi Delayed, Cornell To Fill In

As Grant Morrison prepared to wrap up his run on Batman and Robin next issue, we’ve known for a while that the former Green Lantern Corps creative team of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason would be coming in to take over the title. Well, the other day it was announced that they had hit a delay due to the teams commitments to Brightest Day (which Tomasi co-writes and Gleason provides art for). So what were they going to do? Go into the new wave of Bat titles without a book that has been, for the last year and a half, the core of the franchise?

Nope, no way, no chance. They instead pulled another high quality writer out of their stable, gave him three issues, and said “Go”.

So now Batman and Robin #17-19 will be written by Action Comics writer Paul Cornell, with art handled by veteran Nightwing artist Scott McDaniel.

You will never see me complain with Cornell writing, and you will never see me complain about Scott McDaniel drawing Dick Grayson, as he was the definitive artist for Nightwing. And hey, Cornell even created a brand new villain for the story called “The Absence”! That’s off to a good start right there, leaving his own mark on the franchise!

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Source: Newsarama