Bret Hart Talks Video Games, WrestleMania & More

In an interview with’s Brian Fritz, Bret Hart talked about the new WWE video game, as well as his return to WrestleMania earlier this year.

“It was a real, surreal time for me to have let go of all the sort of bad blood that happened between me and the WWE, the company itself and Vince McMahon,” he said. “To walk out in Phoenix in front of that huge crowd and have one more moment under the limelight was like a dream. When I say dream it was kind of like all the while I did it as I walked through and got to the ring … the whole thing was like a fantasy in my head. I kept thinking I was dreaming or it wasn’t real. As you’re doing it, you’re going this is real, this is really happening. It was actually quite a rush. Maybe one of the biggest rushes I’ve had in my career and I’ve had a lot of them.”

To read the whole interview, click the above link.

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