Jim Ross Talks Undertaker/Brock Lesnar Rumor & More

In his latest – and as usual, great – blog entry, WWE executive Jim Ross addresses the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker rumors:

“My phone was blowing up with text messages regarding Brock losing his title and the subsequent interview that was done with Undertaker where Brock made somewhat of a ‘walk on,’ cameo appearance at ringside as Lesnar was leaving the Octagon to return to his locker room.

The post fight interview the Undertaker did wasn’t even scheduled beforehand as I understand it. The same reporter interviewed me at the last Lesnar fight and that one, along with interviews he did with Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg, were not scheduled in advance either. I have a hard time believing that the much talked about ‘confrontation’ for the lack of a better term, and there has to be one, between ‘Taker and Brock was staged. Perhaps I’m naive but that’s what I think at this time.

Cutting to the chase, I certainly don’t foresee a Wrestlemania 27 match between Lesnar and Undertaker in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome even though the speculation on this matter is running rampant. First of all, Brock has moved on to UFC, a legit sport, and, even though he lost the UFC Heavyweight Title to a very talented, young man in Cain Velásquez Saturday night, Lesnar has many lucrative years remaining in his UFC career that he would be foolish to not pursue. WWE, an entertainment entity, could offer Lesnar massive money for a one time return to the marquis event of the year, BTW Lesnar isn’t going back on the road with any regularity for any amount of money, but there is one, small detail that many have neglected to consider.

Brock Lesnar is contractually obligated to UFC and there is no way in hell that UFC officials are ever….ever going to allow Lesnar to return to the WWE world while Brock is still under. So the ‘Oliver Stone’s’ with their conspiracy theories will likely surmise that perhaps Brock has a ‘loop hole’ in his contract that would allow him to return to WWE, pick up a huge payday and then be back home in Minnesota before breakfast the morning after Wrestlemania in Atlanta.

I’m not a lawyer and have never played one on TV but Lesnar vs Undertaker seems like wishful thinking.”

In the post, he goes on to talk more about Lesnar (is there a chance he’ll be a guest ref in WWE any time soon?), as well as the Daniel Bryan/Dolph Ziggler show-stealer from Bragging Rights and much more. Check it out.

As for Lesnar/Taker: UFC President Dana White says no way.

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