TNA Impact Spoilers 04.11.10 – Ken Anderson, Eric Bischoff, Matt Morgan, Rob Van Dam

– Abyss vs Pope was thrown out. Abyss went mental and attacked some fans until security came out to stop him. Pope took umbrage at his ‘congregation’ being besmirched and challenged Abyss to a Lumberjack Match, with all the Pope’s ‘congregation’ around the ring. Abyss accepted.

– Eric Bischoff comes out in karate gear, with a referee and Ric Flair. He talks about how Hulk Hogan is in agreement that Matt Morgan is out of the Immortals and out of Fortune and is persona non-grata. He says Ken Anderson can still get a title match against Jeff Hardy if he can pin Bischoff tonight, no matter what the doctors say about his concussion. Bischoff then fires the referee because last week he let Morgan out of the handcuffs before he let Jeff Jarrett out.

– Brian Kendrick gets a massage backstage whilst reading Mick Foley’s new book out loud to EV2.0. Rob Van Dam interrupts to start whining about all of them. A.J. Styles turns up and mocks them. Rhino tries to gore him but hits RVD instead.

– Sarita beats Velvet Sky.

– Ric Flair tells Kazarian that Fortune should not have internal problems and if they do then they should settle them in the ring. Kazarian challenges Doug Williams to a match. Williams tries to do an interview with Christy Hemme but her microphone stops working. One of Anderson’s drops from the ceiling.

– Mickie James & Ink Inc beat Tara & Generation Me. The heels lay out the faces afterwards.

– Jeff Jarrett cuts a promo about Kurt Angle attacking Eric Bischoff. He says Angle should give up and go home. He apologises to Samoa Joe for not throwing him off an even higher platform and says he will finish the job at Turning Point. He says that he ‘sold in’, despite the crowd chanting ‘you sold out’. Joe attacks him but the security guys try to stop him. Joe takes them out but Jarrett escapes.

– A.J. Styles retains the TV Title against Rhino and RVD. Rhino and RVD argue afterwards as EV2.0 come out to try and break it up. RVD winds up punching Raven. Tommy Dreamer tries to calm down RVD. Dreamer gets fed up with him, however, and challenges him to a match at Turning Point.

– Kazarian beat Doug Williams with a roll-up. Ric Flair was on commentary. Beer Money came down to watch and Williams bumped into James Storm on the ring apron, leading to him getting pinned. Williams was made at Beer Money but Flair calmed things down.

– Eric Bischoff has Jeremy Borash do the super-duper ring introductions for his match. Borash announces Bischoff as the TNA Kickboxing Champion of the World. Borash uses insults when introducing Anderson, calling him the President Obama of Head Trauma. Bischoff forces him to read these out. Bischoff says he knows Anderson is not here but they could do Bischoff vs Borash instead. He beats up Borash until the lights go out and Anderson’s music plays. The lights come back on and Matt Morgan is in the ring. He knocks out Bischoff, pins him, signs the contract and says he will face Jeff Hardy at Turning Point. Ric Flair helps Bischoff up and says that turning his back on Fortune is the biggest mistake Morgan has ever made.

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