Were Money No Object on October 27 with Northlanders, Shuddertown & more

Welcome once again to my weekly exploration of graphic novels and trades shipping from Diamond.  This is a lean week.

The Book I Would Like to Buy:

God Complex Complete Collection TP

by Michael Avon Oeming, Daniel Berman, and John Broglia; Image, $24.99

I read the first issue of this series, and found it to be enjoyable.  I didn’t stick with the title, but I did always intend to pick it up in trade.

Basically, it’s about the god Apollo, who is living as a mortal and working at a Greek diner.  He’s got a thing going with the owner’s daughter, and some other stuff happens.  I don’t really remember very much at this point, but I remember thinking it was much better than a lot of Oeming’s other non-Powers work.

This trade collects all seven issues of the series, and can be previewed here.

The Book I Think You Should Buy:

Northlanders Vol. 4 The Plague Widow TP

by Brian Wood and Leandro Fernandez; Vertigo $16.99

Northlanders is a fascinating title, and this arc was one of the more psychologically intense entries so far.  One of the coolest things about Northlanders is that each arc is set in a different place and at a different time, so every new volume is a perfect place for a new reader to jump on board.

This story involves a town on the Volga that places itself in reluctant quarantine to avoid a plague that is sweeping the land.  The quarantine is unpopular among the rowdier element living in the community, and they start to put pressure on the aging leadership.

The story is focused on a young plague widow, who has some stature in the community, but is also the target of the town bully, who is happy to exploit her weakness, namely her concern for her daughter.

Fernandez does a great job of portraying the sparseness and harshness of the landscape.  This is a very powerful piece of work.

I’m Not Sure What To Say About This Book:

Shuddertown HC

by Nick Spencer and Adam Geen; Image 19.99

When Shuddertown started, I thought it was brilliant.  The first issue was gripping, with it’s drugged out cop protagonist, bombed out neighbourhood, and mysterious string of bodies turning up with forensic evidence pointing to other dead people as the murderers.

As the four issues that are supposedly collected here progressed, I found that the story, while keeping it’s atmospheric cool, started to fragment into so many pieces I couldn’t follow it anymore.

What I’m least clear on is if this hardcover just collects the first four issues, or if it would also include the fifth issue, which has been solicited but hasn’t shown up yet.  No further issues have been solicited, and the story didn’t seem to end with the fourth issue.  I wouldn’t recommend picking this up unless you’re sure that the story is finished.  Otherwise, I imagine you’ll be left with as many questions as I have.

If it does include that elusive fifth issue though, I say give it a chance.  Spencer’s writing is interesting, and Geen’s art, when not overly photo-referenced, is pretty good.

So, what would you buy Were Money No Object?

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