WWE Smackdown Spoilers 29.10.10 – Undertaker’s Funeral, Divas Halloween Contest, Survivor Series Main Event

– Kane and Paul Bearer preside over the funeral ceremony for The Undertaker. Alberto Del Rio interrupts to ask for a World Heavyweight Title shot. Kane goes mental and beats on Alberto. Rey Mysterio comes out to join in the frolic and attack Alberto. Paul Bearer winds up taking a 619, which sends the urn flying. Edge turns up and spears Kane. Teddy Long makes a number one contender’s match between Edge, Mysterio and Del Rio for later on.

– Daniel Bryan beats Dolph Ziggler again. Ziggler had the match won at one point but the referee was knocked out and so the match continued.

– Cody Rhodes interrupts Kelly Kelly backstage to use her mirror. Big Show takes umbrage at this and challenges Cody, who refuses because he is now in a tag team and does not do singles matches. Show says he will find a partner in that case.

– Big Show & Kofi Kingston beats Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre when Show chokeslams Rhodes. McIntyre refused to help Rhodes. They were being referred to as the Dashing Ones, yet after the match they began to fight backstage and broke up their team.

– Vickie Guerrero was dressed as a cougar for Halloween but refused to participate in the Divas costume contest. It turned into a tag match, with Melina, Kelly Kelly & The Bellas beating Rosa, Alicia & Laycool.

– Jack Swagger beats Kaval with the ankle lock.

– Edge beats Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio to earn a World Heavyweight Title match against Kane at Survivor Series. Edge wins with a spear while Mysterio is on Del Rio’s shoulders.

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