First Look: Chris Evans as Captain America

While he’s already played The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, like Ryan Reynolds, it seems one superhero is not enough for Chris Evans.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters in 2011, perfectly timed to set up The Avengers which will be released in 2012. But you can catch a glimpse of Evans as the iconic Captain America here, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Even though the picture is sans mask, the suit looks perfect.  Marvel hasn’t been able to score a hit with The Hulk yet, but it’s hard to argue the power of their Iron Man films — mostly due to Robert “I was born to play Tony Stark” Downey Jr.’s perfect portrayal of the character. With Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury rounding out the cast, The Avengers is destined to be a comic book fan’s dream.

With that being said, every comic book fan has an opinion when their favorite character gets a movie. What do you think of the suit? What do you think of Chris Evans as Cap?

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