10 Thoughts on Superstars 10.28.2010 – Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins

1. And here I thought that the only silver lining to Evan Bourne’s injury was a substantial decrease in Mark Henry’s appearances. I hate being wrong.

2. Just as Jey was starting to get settled in, boom…the match finished. I’m not sure why Henry keeps going over, but I know how tired of it I am. However, this was the first time his finisher didn’t look absolutely ridiculous.

3. Zack Ryder and Tyson Kidd…a very interesting matchup. Tyson is intoxicating to watch, and I always forget how much I love Ryder.

4. It was interesting to see DH Smith come out and cost Tyson the match. As happy as I am that Zack finally picked up a win, why would they continue the implosion of former champions on their novelty show? Although, it was subtle enough, that I guess it works.

5. Damn. I had nearly pushed NXThree out of my head, until the recap.

6. As much as I adored the Gatecrashers, I really like Curt Hawkins on his own. He stands out a lot more, and his personality just pops.

7. MVP’s victory seems too forced. Hawkins had great momentum throughout the entire match, but MVP landed a few quick spots for the three-count? It just felt wrong to me.

8. I know it’s blasphemous, but I went without watching Raw this week. So for once, I appreciate the Raw Rebound. From the looks of it, I missed a hell of a main event.

9. Chris Masters rocks a shiner. He does not, however, rock the super-snug trunks. Almost got a glimpse of his mini-locks.

10. Reks has great fluidity in his moves, and looks great when performing them. But he needs to react to what Masters is doing. His face gives away a concentration that kills the aggression quick.

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