The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 7 Recap

After watching Sevak and team captain Josh Koscheck pout over last week’s humiliating defeat to Jonathan Brookins we move right into the final fight announcement of the first round

Dane Sayers vs. Sako Chivitchian

Dana White and Koscheck give interviews talking about Chivitchian, Sayers and their upcoming fight. Spencer Paige makes it clear that he will not be claiming one of the wild card slots as he arrives in the house with a cast on his arm. Jean-Charles is back in the gym this time trying to pep talk Sayers into a victory. Marc Stevens after a loss last week that should have disqualified him from even discussing the wild card is out there doing just that claiming, get this, that by losing lightning fast fashion he should take one of the slots because he’s fresh. Well yes you are and with luck it will stay that way.

In preparation for his fight Koscheck schools Chivitchian on how to carve up an opponent’s face with elbows.

Coaches Challenge

I’m going to assume, correctly of course, that White felt as though he had to toss Koscheck a softee. How else do you explain forcing St. Pierre to take place in a baseball challenge wherein his non-existent batting skills are put to the test. He actually does OK for himself in the first inning but after that things sort of fall apart. That is most notable in the third and final inning as Koscheck catches fires and racks up 18 points. That’s followed by ST. Pierre missing every single pitch that is tossed his way. Final score: 34-10. . .anybody who expected anything different was just fooling themselves.

Sako Chivitchian vs. Dane Sayers

Round 1: Chivitchian pushes the pace to begin, almost to his detriment as he gets himself caught in something of a guillotine choke. Sayers can’t lock it on quite right and has to let it go. Chivitchian rolls this to his advantage and lands in a dominant position where he tries to work his ground and pound. That works out for half a second before Sayers escapes. Chivitchian attempts a few takedowns and throws to no avail and soon they find themselves locked up on the cage. Sayers nails him with a kick and gets a funky looking takedown that he can’t exploit at all. Chivitchian is back on his feet and they grapple some more until the bell. 10-9 Sayers though it was a close one.

Round 2: Sayers has his guns a-blazin’ as he comes out for round 2 but that only gets him hip tossed and then taken down. Chivitchian goes for another takedown but can’t quite pull it off. No doubt that these two guys are cashed energy-wise. Sayers tries to get another takedown via trip and is successful even though Chivitchian went ahead and grabbed the fence for about the 100th time this fight. Chivitchian uses the cage to get back to his feet but can’t inflict any serious damage. The round ends and this lackluster match is in the books.

Sako Chivitchian def. Dane Sayers via unanimous decision

Both coaches take their turn making a case for the fighters they want to see get the wild card. After a little deliberation White decides to go with Koscheck’s boys over St. Pierre’s boys which means that Aaron Wilkinson and Mark Stevens (??) are going to be squaring off in the wild card round.

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