10 Thoughts on Smackdown: Kaval Needs Help, Divas Costume Contest & Tony Chimel

1. I wish WWE would make up their minds about Alberto Del Rio – one moment he is pretty much terrified of Christian and then all of a sudden he comes out and kicks Smackdown’s biggest dominator right in the head with no fear at all! – I will let him off though because his entrance car this week was all kinds of amazing.

2. Seeing Kane with Paul Bearer has made me realise that WWE should start bringing back the older male managers like in the golden age of the 1980’s – rather than the girl on the side shouting “COME ON (insert name here)” – I still love you Natalya.

3. Not many (if any) people can get one good match out of Dolph Ziggler – let alone 3! DB and DZ’s matches are truly spectacular and unlike Morrison and Kofi before him, I’d actually like to see and would enjoy a long feud between Dolph and Daniel Bryan.

4. The Jack Swagger/Kaval match was really great and full of excellent exciting spots between the pair but what bothers me is that WWE are throwing Kaval in to matches here and there without any substance behind them. He needs to start a long and well fought feud asap. I’m not entirely sure who with though – any suggestions?

5. Now, I was probably the only person watching Smackdown who LOVED the Divas costume contest this week and if it had gone to a vote – rather than Laycool declaring themselves as winners – I think Melina in her sexy and geeky Spiderwoman costume would have definitely won – even though I did love McCools Lady Gaga costume (full review in Hotties ‘n’ Notties this week.)

The match itself was the typical Divas fanfare with botched moves aplenty – although one of The Bellas and Alicia pulled off a great little move. But the whole caboodle made me miss Beth Phoenix even more so then usual. Please come back soon Beth! – the woman’s division misses and needs you terribly.

6. Now I used to love Kofi Kingston like two years ago – he was my absolute favourite Superstar (I almost made a poster for him when I went to go see RAW, but then I ran out of time – I still have the luminous green paper lurking around somewhere.) But then to my dismay he started to become to samey for my liking and I soon got bored of him. And then his long angst-ridden feud against Dolph Ziggler made me hate him!

But at the start of the tag match my love for him blossomed again, he threw a number of great, breath taking moves and now I will be looking forward to his matches once again instead of dreading them.

7. AW MAN!!! I can’t believe Dashingly Sinister aka The Dashing Ones aka my future husband and GBF have split up! My life if over! I might as well stop watching Smackdown now (but I won’t.) I actually cried during Bragging Rights when they lost the tag titles because I was that upset and now, well… GRRRRRR.

Plus now I’m going to have to make them separate posters for when I go see Smackdown in a week’s time and I had a brilliant idea for a poster for the former tag team which included mirrors and the word marry (it wasn’t actually that great tbh.)

8. Tony Chimel really needs to learn how to not go into a falsetto voice when saying ‘Rated R Superstar’ or perhaps get WWE to do a bit of tuning in the studio and play it whenever Edge comes out because its seriously hurting my ears now.

9. The 3-way main event match was AWESOME from start to end – especially the ending, I couldn’t get enough of it and rewound it at least 3 times to watch over and over again. Smackdown has really come through within the last few weeks and it’s defiantly the best wrestling show on TV at the moment.

10. Best Match: 3-way main event – it was new, fresh and exciting.
Worst Match:
there wasn’t one tbh (let’s not count the Divas tag match.)
Best Segment:
Divas costume contest.

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