A Way Too Brilliant Idea for Connecticut Voters

Hey folks, Charlie here.  In case you haven’t heard, this Tuesday during the election the WWE will be offering free WWE merchandise 75 feet away from select polling places around the state of Connecticut in what is in no way a highly illegal attempt to bribe WWE fans to come to the polls and vote for Linda McMahon, a person with practically no connection at all with WWE.  No sir, not in any way, shape, or form.

I will be addressing this and the whole “Stand Up for WWE” fiasco soon on Pulse, but until then, I’ve stumbled upon a brilliant idea.

The WWE claims that this is in no way an endorsement of either canadidate.  Let’s watch them put their money (in this case, free stuff) where their mouths are.  If you’re from Connecticut and you intend to vote, regardless of what party you belong to, show up to the polls on Tuesday wearing Democratic party stuff and then head to the free WWE merchandise stand and tell them you need one of the free WWE shirts so that you can cover up your partisan shirt as required by law before you can go into the polls to cast your vote for Linda McMahon’s opponent, Richard Blumenthal.

Make sure you verbally and visually make it clear that you are there to vote against Linda McMahon, but do so in the most polite, respectful way possible.  And make sure you video it.  Upload the video to Youtube and e-mail the link to reneke2@msn.com and through-out Tuesday’s election day process I will share those videos with everyone here on Inside Pulse Wrestling.

What better way for the WWE to eat crow and what more delicious way is there to punish Vince & Linda McMahon for the agony of the TV-PG era that is a direct result of her political ambitions then to call the WWE out on it’s hubris for offering free swag in the state of Connecticut to “anyone who wants it” by telling WWE you are voting against Linda McMahon as you accept free merchandise paid for by her husband when the motives behind giving it away are so transparent that it’s laughable?

Stand Up For WWE by accepting free stuff as you cast your votes against Linda McMahon.

Until then, here’s a completely unrelated video of a candidate for the United States Senate taking part in a prayer where the person leading the prayer declares that he does not like God.

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