What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – February 12, 1994

WWF Superstars

-Vince McMahon and Stan Lane are in the booth and they make sure we know that WrestleMania is coming soon.

-Opening Contest: Crush (w/Mr. Fuji) vs. Jay P. Stryker:

A blind charge early in the match by Crush misses and Stryker goes to the arm. I’m not sure if that would be my form of offense if the man was twice my size and sure enough, Crush catches Stryker with a thrust kick off the ropes. Crush pounds away as the crowd chants for Randy Savage. That doesn’t help Stryker as Crush gives him a gorilla press slam and gets the submission from the Kona Clutch at 2:24. Crush’s methodical beat downs are usually boring and this was no exception.

-WWF update time with Gorilla Monsoon. He recaps the Bret-Owen feud and talks about Bret’s various title wins. A brief music video is interrupted by Owen who says that if Bret is great then what will that make him when he defeats him at WrestleMania.

-Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Luna Vachon) vs. Brad Anderson:

Sgt. Thompson is our guest ring announcer and he doesn’t give a very enthusiastic introduction. Bigelow tosses around Anderson to start and Bigelow and Luna appear in the split screen and he talks about Valentine’s Day. Anderson nails Bigelow with an elbow off the ropes and takes Bigelow down with a drop toe hold but Bigelow awkwardly tosses him to the canvas off the ropes. A falling headbutt ensues and a moonsault finishes, which Vince informs us is the “Lunasault” at 1:21. After the match, Bigelow shows Luna the move on the big screen (since she had turned her back before he hit the move) and she’s excited. This was quick, but it made Bigelow look devastating and that’s what counts.

-Jim Ross tells us to buy tickets for the WWF Fan Festival prior to WrestleMania. In a quick promo, Jim Cornette runs down Lex Luger and Bret Hart.

-The Bushwhackers vs. Barry Horowitz & Reno Riggins:

Horowitz attacks Butch in the corner to start but Butch bites him back and Riggins gets the tag. Jobber miscommunication ensues and the Bushwhackers give Horowitz and Riggins double clotheslines. The Bushwhackers whip Horowitz into Riggins and Horowitz falls victim to a Battering Ram at 1:01. This had some good spots and is about as good of a Bushwhacker match as you are going to see.

-A video package showcases Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze.

-Ludvig Borga vs. Jason Voltaire:

Since Borga was injured a month before this show they must have taped this thing a long time ago, unless Borga continued to work despite his ankle injury (and I don’t think that was the case). Borga absolutely tears Voltaire apart here with a string of power moves. After taunting the fans, Borga puts Voltaire in a backbreaker rack and gets the submission at 2:06.

-Randy Savage and Crush’s fight on WWF Mania is revisited.

-Todd Pettengill gives us the WrestleMania XI report. He announces that Little Richard will sing “America the Beautiful” and Sy Sperling of the Hair Club for Men will be in attendance. Was there any reason for Sperling to be in attendance other than put some hair on Howard Finkel for the event?

-“The Model” Rick Martel vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage:

Martel bails at the beginning of the match, which allows McMahon to promote Savage’s “drug free” message contained in the latest edition of WWF magazine. Savage chases Martel around the ring, but Martel gets into the ring first and pounds away. Martel taunts after he floats over Savage on a blind charge, but Savage responds with a clothesline and tosses him to the floor. Martel stalls some more and when he gets back inside he hammers away. Savage reverses a take to the buckle and a backslide gets two. Savage clotheslines Martel and Martel bails. Back in, Martel gets a cheap shot over the referee and tosses Savage over the top rope. These two guys just can’t keep it in the ring. Outside, Martel slams Savage and suplexes him into the ring for two. Martel works the back, which McMahon and Lane ignore, and applies a chinlock. Somehow Lane reasons that Martel is applying a chinlock to increase the blood flow to Savage’s face and increase swelling around Savage’s eyes. Yeah, it didn’t make sense to me either. Savage quickly fights out and gets a fluke sunset flip for two. Martel gets a backbreaker for two. Savage gets a small package out of nowhere for two. Savage gives Martel a high knee, which sends Martel to the floor, and follows up with a top rope axe handle. Back in, Savage covers for two, but Martel nails Savage in the throat to turn the tide. However, a blind charge causes Martel to collide shoulder-first with the ring post and Savage slams him and finishes him with the top rope elbow smash at 8:03. Once this got going it was good, but there was tons of stalling for the first half of the match. Grade: C

-Jim Ross says that the Bret-Owen feud is serious and Bret says that their match at WrestleMania will be a solid wrestling match.

-Paul Bearer is still looking for the Undertaker’s spirit.

-Tune in next week to see Owen Hart face Marty Jannetty! Alundra Blayze defends the Women’s championship against Heidi Lee Morgan, Earthquake returns (although the screen says it’s his debut), and the Funeral Parlor returns to Superstars!

The Final Report: A very entertaining show this week, with a fun main event between two guys that were nearing the end of their WWF runs. I was puzzled by Borga’s involvement on the show, but I guess they had a taped match of his and figured they’d use it. I know they booked a Borga-Earthquake battle for WrestleMania, but that was ultimately shelved and Adam Bomb took Borga’s place at the event.

Show Grade: C+

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