Christopher Nowinski Approves Of TNA’s Ken Anderson Concussion Storyline

Following this Thursday’s Impact, which featured Matt Morgan turning babyface in response to Eric Bischoff attempting to force Ken Anderson to compete with a concussion and Bischoff and Ric Flair, in character, mocking the danger of concussions, the Sports Legacy Institute’s founder and former WWE star, Christopher Nowinski, commented on the episode playing off the concussion issue his organization has been at the forefront of educating the world on. Nowinski’s complete response is below:

“I was extremely pleased to see the concussion storyline as it was executed on TNA. I think it was a positive portrayal of the issue, and it was great to see Matt Morgan treated as the babyface for his concern about the consequences of returning to the ring so soon after a concussion. Matt Morgan has been an energetic support of the Sports Legacy Institute and this issue, and I was proud to see him able to reach millions with this message.

However, I must note that I’m not happy the storyline was generated by a chair shot to the back the head of Ken Anderson, another SLI supporter, but I was told it was not scripted that way.

I hope TNA notes the cause and effect of that hit and puts more in place (training, fines, etc.) to prevent future use of the chair in that manner and keep top talents in the ring.”


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