10 Thoughts on WWE Raw feat. Vince McMahon’s Return to WWE Television

Welcome to another rambling and fantastic 10 Thoughts on WWE Raw. To read a fun blog on the impending return of the King of the Ring tournament, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

Now on with the thoughts!

1. You know, this opening for Monday Night Raw was not bad, but it was not good either. I’m just not getting into the fact that Survivor Series seems to be all about John Cena’s choice and not the WWE Championship.

2. I don’t like seeing Wade Barrett and Randy Orton in matches together before they main event a PPV. Barrett is good in the ring, but still limited. They should save the time that they are in the ring for the PPV to make that match feel special.

3. They are really drawing out the Hart Dynasty breakup angle. I doubt it will lead anywhere, aside from seeing two singles wrestlers doing nothing instead of one tag team doing nothing.

4. I actually enjoyed the verbal exchange between Sheamus and Santino. It was silly, but being silly is okay on occasion. The end of this segment with John Morrison and Sheamus was also good. Morrision vs Sheamus should be a very good program and I’m looking forward to it.

5. I’m not a fan of all of the R-Truth segments tonight. There are better guys on the roster than him that deserve this spot. Maybe it’s because I just don’t like R-Truth.

6. Zach Ryder could definitely be a money player for WWE, but on a roster that doesn’t have jobbers, what can you do? Ezekiel Jackson looked good in this squash.

7. Hopefully we don’t see more Miz vs Big Show matches, since the teased Miz vs Rey Mysterio program is much more appealing to me.

8. Nice, short match for Daniel Bryan. I will almost always complain when he doesn’t get ten minutes or more for his matches, but he always makes the best out of what he does get.

9. With the possible Vince McMahon return to TV tonight, will we see him more now that the election is passing? Will this lead to the reveal of the Raw General Manager?

9a. I know that segment was all about getting Linda’s Senate run on TV, but it was really not the worse that WWE could do to promote her.

10. So John Cena follows the rules and counts The Nexus down for three. What was his motivation to do otherwise in this match? Why did Randy Orton decide to be friends with R-Truth instead of someone more capable?

That’s all for this week folks! Make sure to check itswilltime.wordpress.com for and entertaining blog on the return of The King of the Ring. I’ll be back soon with more People’s Column awesomeness.

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