How I Met Your Mother – Episode 6-7 Review

You know what’s lame? Teasing me with a Halloween episode, but then delivering a November 1 episode. Come on, How I Met Your Mother! What the hell was that?

We got about two minutes of actual Halloween, with zero awesome costumes. Barney can do better than a ninja. Ted can do better than a hotdog – seriously, he looked like he should be standing on a street corner handing out fliers. Lily and Marshall can certainly do better than a bull and a bull fighter. Whatever happened to clever cultural references or humiliating, yet adorable outfits? Come on!

The episode really began with the November 1st walk of shame – women trudging home from hook-ups in their slutty costumes. Mildly offensive (Come on, they could have thrown a couple guys into the humiliating walk home mix) and mildly amusing, considering Robin was among the pack. Dressed as a slutty nurse – SO not her. She wouldn’t say who she’d slept with, and just as I was thinking “Barney” she revealed she’d been with Marshall’s blockhead assistant, Randy. (Played very well by Will Forte.) And I still thought “Barney”. Eventually she revealed that she’d actually been filming a super embarrassing commercial to try and compete with Becky, who’d also filmed a commercial. When will we get the old Robin back? The one with self esteem? This new, needy, insecure Robin who is constantly basing her self-worth on a comparison to the adult version of Pollyanna is getting really old. The Robin I know and love would never film a commercial for adult diapers, and she would never dress up as a slutty nurse.

I’m also really over Jennifer Morrison. Granted, I was never into her. But the plot development of Zoey signing up for Ted’s class was incredibly annoying. I’m sorry, but Jennifer Morrison just does not have the comedic chops to make Zoey charming or endearing. She’s annoying and shrill.

Marshall’s subplot was decent, though. He fired Randy for being a terrible assistant, but then worried he was becoming too evil, just like GNB. So he un-fired the guy, which prevented him from getting the severance cheque that would allow him to start brewing his own beer, named “Wharmpess” after his surname. The joke of the beer’s name was lame, but the scene where Barney filmed Randy destroying Marshall’s office while Marshall struggled to keep his cool was worth it.

Overall, I thought it was a really disappointing episode. How did you feel about it? Here are a couple things I thought worked:

  • Lily pulling a Godfather move and leaving the head of the stuffed horse under the brat’s blanket during nap time was by far my favorite moment of the episode.
  • Actually, come to think of it, that’s the only thing I really liked.