Blood Drive Launch Trailer Released For PS3 & XBox 360

Blood Drive mixes feisty undead brain-cravers and over-the-top vehicular combat in a televised sport for a twisted new age. Contestants must deftly control their heavily armored death steeds of steel to battle each other and hordes of zombies in an all out fight to the death. Blood Drive features several events set up as tournaments in the game’s six unrelenting environments, each an unbelievable gorefest not for the faint-hearted – or those without a sense of humor! Multiplayer modes allow up to four friends to drop in and drop out of the mayhem at any time. With each environment packed with countless undead frat boys, cops, strippers and bachelorette partiers, players will find extreme pleasure in sending these lowlifes back to hell one tire tread at a time.

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